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Today I realized I am way behind with everything: studying (actually, that realization has been there all along but I’m a great suppresser of feelings), Christmas shopping and, yes, until yesterday, also rent. And I am especially late with the Paris fashion week street style pictures, of which I took so many. So, in order to begin with the street style series, let’s look at Christine Centenera, senior fashion editor at Australian VOGUE, and her amazing outfit at the Chanel show: she has hit the mark on favorite fall styles, a balance between Parisian chic (them Parisiennes love their sheer, sleek silk shirts and leather pencil skirts) and edgy-cool (hate both words, but cannot be bothered to look up a more fitting one). Love everything about this, the gold necklaces, the oversized coat (WANT) and the bold sunglasses to protect her from the non-existent French sun and street peepers like me.

P.S.: Exaggerated on the title, though. My list of favorite Aussies goes like this:

1. Abbey Lee Kershaw

2. Catherine McNeil

3. Hugh Jackman

4. Christine Centenera

But being placed right behind Hugh Jackman is certainly not the worst thing in the world…

The Shit I’m Wearing: Prints


evelyn-song-at-chloe-2 (1)

Let’s call today #throwbacktuesday and flashback to Paris Fashion Week. I think one of the main unwritten rules in the book for amazingly dresses people who just happen to land on street style blogs and special fashion week edition magazines, is to just pretend they fell out of bed, threw the first thing on they could find (which in my case would be my duvet… NOT something you want to wear out and about unless it’s Margiela) and look incredibly polished in their avantgarde pieces they just happened to find hanging in the back of their closets. Yeah right. Fashion weeks off the runways are all about wearing beautifully weird (let’s call it fashion forward), most carefully planned outfits and then pretend to be busy talking on your phone or just striking a perfect pose somewhere in the middle on the street, long enough for the bloggers and photographers to take the perfect “candid” but not too long so it doesn’t seem to willingly.

I’m guessing this little revelation makes me lose a lot of cool points…Whoops.

Thank you to the lovely Marcy Swingle from Gastrochic for the lovely post and the amazing pictures!

Wearing vintage jacket. Zara crop top. Zara pants. Zara boots (get it? I’m on a budget… wait until I get my hands on Vanessa Traina’s closet). Panuu HYPE skate socks. Chanel bag.

Natasha Lillipore

Sometimes coincidences are the funniest thing:
It was 2 a.m. last night, I had a hard time to fall asleep and that’s exactly when you start looking through your phone. These moments when the screen is so bright you need shades to keep your eyesight. But you still try to keep your eyes open just to check your E-Mails twice, Instagram is amusing,too, and of course Facebook. Facebook is like the drug that keeps you awake all night. Especially when you see that Azealia Banks leaked her new video for her single ATM JAM. And what you gonna do?
Suddenly you watch it and your room transforms into a club. Peep it here:
Unfortunately Vimeo and WordPress decided to be bitches and I can’t embed shit no more. That’s why you got to click here! SORRY! 

But the question that really kept me up was: who’s that girl with the blue hair? She looked so familiar to me. Until I realized that I wrote a blog post about her a day ago without even knowing that she would be in that video.
Visionary you saying? I don’t know! 😛


So Miss Blue-hair is Natasha Lillipore, an LA-based model, designer, photographer and illustrator. She runs her own company called Her Tiny Teeth, where she designs and makse embellished eyewear. She says about her label:
I created HerTinyTeeth in early 2012 as a way to share the many things I made with the outside world. I’ve always been a creator; from the time I was a child I would put glitter and rhinestones on everything I could get my hands on. I remember spending many sleepless nights as a teenager making jewelry, clothing and art, because I couldn’t find the things that I wanted to wear. Vintage style and trends inspire me, and I love finding ways to incorporate them into modern designs.
But not only her collection is nice, her personal style is absolutely popping! She is that kind of girl that is sexy without even trying. Am I allowed to call her style “Cyber Rockabilly”?
Anyways check out the collection:

13VENUS 21Trixie 24MADONNA 8detail 9detailAnd Natasha continues: “I strive to create designs that make people feel confident, bold and daring, regardless of age, race or gender. Our products are perfect for everyone, whether you’re the playful girl next door, the sparkling queen at the bar or the dazzling vixen flying first class.”
So you can buy her stuff on www.hertinyteeth.com!

Pictures via www.natashalillipore.com & www.hertinyteeth.com

Jay Z / Bercy




The term “Niggas in Paris” has been coined so many times by the Kanye West/Jay Z duo since 2011, I almost didn’t want to put the phrase into this post. However, when Jay Z was on stage in Paris last Thursday, it really proved once more that he really was in his zone. After being in the music business for so many years, he is still one of the best live performers out there. Dancing, rapping, pushing his audience up, Mr. Carter blew it out of the water. Once again, chapeau and #picassobaby (side note: there is certainly a reason why Michel Gaubert picked that song as part of the Chanel SS14 show: For you to see, I’m the modern day Pablo, Picasso baby!)

Oh, and on the fashion side dish: Jay wore a customized Novum Praecepta (Latin for New Rules) T-Shirt among others. Such a better statement than Supreme, just saying…

Chloé Treats


With Clare Waight Keller, creative director of Chloé


Colorful deliciousness

The other day at the Chloé afterparty, I had the honor to meet the label’s creative director, the beautiful, but most of all, incredibly talented Clare Waight Keller. In her summer collection 2014 for the label, she mixed up the typical Chloé relaxed elegance with boyfriend-cut shorts, tapered pants and standout cut-out tops and laser-cut lace pieces which were to die for.

While stuffing my face with the tiny, delicious treats that were served at the party at the beautiful Hôtel Particulier in Montmartre (and drowning it all with glasses of champagne… just another casual Sunday), I observed the crowd, many of whom work for the company and once again, I had to duly note in my head:

When you (finally) grow up and get a job, work in fashion; not liking your colleagues is just so much harder if they have great style.


As seen at the afterparty

Below are a few of my favorite looks from the SS2014 collection:





All runway pictures via style.com

Ondria at Chanel

afterlight-1 afterlight

Art on the walls, art on the eyes: The beautiful Ondria Hardin outside the Chanel show sporting the spring/summer 2014 look of strong eyebrows x paradise bird lids.