Friday’s Shit: Central Park

And it’s Friday again!
So it’s time for some Friday’s Shit! The green color and the New York bracelet reminded me of Central Park. And that’s why this outfit is called that way.
newyorkgreen1. Shirt: Weekday
2. Jeans: Weekday
3. Boots: Dr. Martens at ASOS
4. Sweater: River Island
5. Sunglasses: Spitfire
6. Bracelet: GoodWood NYC
7. Beanie: Bik Bok

Friday’s Shit: Urb-Asian

It’s been a long time since I posted a whole outfit. So here you go folks!
This one is very Asian, but still urban, so let’s say Urb-Asian. Check it out:
1. Jeans: Weekday
2. Shoes: Solestruck or Trippen
3. Bag: Pray For Paris
4. Shirt: Spencer Lee
5. Cap: Ambush
6. Chain: Ambush

Monday’s Shit

Happy Monday y’all!



1. Shirt: Shalloww
2. Hoodie: H&M
3. Cap: Shallowww
4. Shorts: Shallowww
5. Shoes: Jered by Dr. Martens
6. Socks: H&M

7. Combination: To die for 😛

Monday’s Shit: Black Period

New Monday. New Outfit. I am on my black period and that’s why this week it’s #allblackeverything part II:

1. Pants: Kokon to zai
2. Shoes: Nike
3. T-Shirt: Shade London
4. Beanie: Shade London
5. Watch: Asos