The Shit I’m Wearing: Adidas

For this post I tried to make something different and keep it as real and urban as possible. And maybe just because this was the most spontaneous #ootd shooting I have ever done. And in my mind I thought:  If Karl can use his Ipad, then I can use my Iphone (basically that’s what I say all the time).  So this is what happened:

Me and a friend of mine where walking down the city when we heard classical music coming out of this building. And so we entered it, I was literally like: My outfit is all Adidas everything, this building is fucking insane, let’s take these pictures! And btw this was the most relaxing shooting I have ever done.

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And I am just obsessed with the Adidas shoes and sweater I am wearing. And if I wasn’t a fashion blogger I would say that I wear it almost every day, but this is probably not a part of the blogging etiquette.
So the sweater is from Nigo’s first Adidas collection named Originals by Nigo, who is inspired by vintage sportswear. And in case you don’t know who Nigo is, you should do some research! But most definitively you have seen his face somewhere! To make it super short: Nigo is a Japanese music producer and DJ who worked with Pharrell and the creator of the urban clothing line A Bathing Ape. And the Adidas collection is sooooo good! See yourself:Originals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoWanna shop the look? Here you go:
1. Sweater: Originals by Nigo
2. Jeans: Cheap Monday
3. Bag: H&M x Alexander Wang
4. Shoes: Adidas 
5. Shirt: Urban Outfitters (Vintage section)

The Shit I’m Wearing: Riding Dirty

They see me rolling, they hating, they trying to catch me riding dirty…

That’s exactly how I felt when I had the chance to test drive Jaano. Never heard of it? Well, that’s what I am here for.
Founded by the two friends Jaan Hofmann and Tino Hoffrichter, Jaano is offering scooter sharing to everybody living in Hamburg (and it will probably spread out to your city soon, so just watch out). It’s the perfect solution for traffic and transportation in urban areas, since you can rent the scooter for as much time as you need and just park wherever. No strings attached, because you pay for the time you use the Jaano scooter and wherever you find one of these you can hopp on and off anytime. The concept is simple and genius at the same time! You just have to register (and of course have a driver’s licence and stuff like that) and off you go.

And since I am a huge fan of it, I did put on my good outfit and got myself up on that  Vespa Primavera 50 4T 4V. Take a look (a little posing never hurt nobody)! VROOM VROOM!
Jaano Weekday weekday I don't give a fuck Jaano JaanoThe idea is dope as fuck and you will definitely gonna catch me riding on this in Hamburg, so make sure you like Jaano on Facebook!

And btw: wanna shop the look? Here you go:
1. Sweater: Weekday (it’s on sale)
2. Shirt: Asos
3. Jeans: Cheap Monday
4. Shoes: Superga
5. Socks: Bought them in Patrica Field‘s store in NYC and I couldn’t find them online...

The Shit I’m Wearing: Too Cool For School

I am all about education and shit, but last week at uni was not fun at all. Like classes were boring. So I decided to walk through the uni and just took random selfies at random places. And I probably left the class room every 5 minutes and my classmates and professor might have thought that I have diarrhea or some, but I don’t care. It just turned out that I am too cool for school (or I just wish to be):
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Wanna buy the shirt? Get it from This Is Not Clothing. And seriously this is one of the best t-shirts I have ever bought, because the quality is really really good and worth every cent!

The Shit I’m Wearing: Miami Vibes

My posts lately are like super whack and not filled with content at all. But I honestly don’t see the point in wasting and sacrificing my time to sit at home or at a coffee shop and write. HELL NO!  That’s why I am keeping it short and I will take my time once I am out of this beautiful city.
But this right here is probably one of my all time favorite ootd posts and I am not talking fashion.  But these GIF’s are everything to me. I am addicted! And I promise there is going to be a lot more of these in the future. In the meantime I am just causal chilling: 
hh (1) hh hh (3)Wanna shop le look?
1. T-Shirt: Katie Eary
2. Jersey: American Apparel
3. Shorts: Roscoe
4. Shoes: Superga


The Shit I’m Wearing: Misbehave

I am on my worst behavior…
at least that’s what my sweater is saying on the back: misbehave! And life is too short to behave.

Side note: it was so cold when I did these pictures, my balls were freezing off. And if that was not enough, it started raining. No umbrella, no building to enter. So you can just imagine what I looked like after the pics were done.
IMG_3626 IMG_3638 IMG_3764IMG_3767 IMG_3748 IMG_3749Wanna shop le look?
1. Sweater: MISBHV
2. Jeans: Cheap Monday (like my 5th pair of black jeans)
3. Shoes: Urban Outfitters


The Shit I’m Wearing: Hood

Back to life, back to reality…
I still haven’t recovered from Istanbul to be honest. I got to catch up the average of four hours of sleep per night. And I am telling y’all sleep is so precious. And I noticed that I tend to post shit of myself rather when I am abroad then when I am home, so I figured it’s time to show you where I am from: I am taking you to the hood.
So beyond this artistic kind of ootd post lies a little bit of reality for me and I am actually lifting a small part of why I consider The Shit I’m Talking to be Ghetto Chanel. Because I started from the bottom now I am here. Started from the bottom now I have, my Topman and my Superga on:

IMG_1493 IMG_1519 IMG_1505 IMG_1476 IMG_1487 IMG_1473 IMG_1495
Wanna shop the look?
1. T-Shirt: Roscoe (
2. Dungaree: Topman (similar here)
3. Shoes: Superga (
4. White Socks: Basically everywhere