Donaldson Sackey

Donaldson Sackey, a Togolese international football player, who is not only into running after balls on the football field, but made his debut as model in the fashion scene a couple of months ago. From playing football to modelling, with an extremely eye-catching style, I had to sit down with this fellow and ask him a couple of questions: Donaldson sackey
The Shit I’m Talking: Let’s start this interview with a question that makes a lot of sense for this blog: What’s the shit you like to talk about?

Donaldson: I like to talk about football, fashion and music.

The Shit I’m Talking: Which makes a lot of sense! As professional football player, football made you travel the world. So you lived in countries like the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Germany and played for local teams. But which country influenced you most from a fashion point of view and why?
Donaldson: London is a city that influenced me the most. It’s full of inspiration. You can be whoever you want to be and wear whatever you want to wear without being judged that fast. The whole vibe is different…it’s a fashion city and you can feel it with all its streetstyles coming from punk, to the funk scene, up to hip hop and so on.

The Shit I’m Talking: Talking about football. Which one is your proudest moment in your career as a footballer?
Donaldson: My first game as a player on the national team of Togo.
Donaldson sackey Donaldson sackeyThe Shit I’m Talking: The one question that I have to ask as footballer getting into modelling. How the fuck did that happen?
Donaldson: I ask myself the same question (laugh). I never wanted to become a model, but it turned out that way. Actually I was about to buy football shoes and was discovered by a model scout. That’s how it all started and I am trying to make the best out of it. Kind of like David Beckham does (laugh).

The Shit I’m Talking: What’s more fun though: playing together on a football field or being alone in front of a camera?
Donaldson: It’s both fun, but being on a football field is a special feeling for me.

The Shit I’m Talking: I made the experience that the fashion business is full of people that have no idea about fashion (it’s true!). So do you think that a model that has no clue about fashion is a good model?
Donaldson: (Laugh) That’s a mean question! Let me put it this way: for a model it’s just about presenting yourself in front of the camera.
Donaldson sackeyThe Shit I’m Talking: If you could be on one cover which one would it be?
Donaldson: Definitely the GQ cover!

The Shit I’m Talking: Which fashion piece is on your wishlist right now?
Donaldson: The Raf Simons holographic sneakers.

The Shit I’m Talking: Good choice! I should put them on my wishlist, too! I think a playlist reveals a lot of someone’s personality. So what’s the last song you played on your Iphone or Ipod?
Donaldson: Can’t Stop by Theophilus London feat. Kanye West.

The Shit I’m Talking: These two are just da shit! Both of them being trendsetters and having their own style: how would you define style?And describe yours with three words!
Donaldson: Style is making things work together that wouldn’t look good together at first glance. And I would say my style is a classy mix of 80s and 90s fashion.
Donaldson sackey The Shit I’m Talking: And last but not least a little HONY (Humans of New York) moment. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Donaldson: Everything starts with a Dream, so dream big and work hard for it.

The Shit I’m Talking: Thank you for this interview, Donaldson!
Donaldson: My pleasure!

Make sure you follow Donaldson on Instagram: @donaldsonsackey!

Pictures via Martina Cyman


Chanel Kid Competition


Always wanted to be a Chanel Kid?
Well, here is your chance!  Since Chanel Salzburg is happening tomorrow, we thought it’s the perfect time for you to win 3 Chanel lipsticks.

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And this right here is what you can win:
ChanelThe competition is ending on 7th Decemeber 2014. And the winner will be announced a couple of days later. And of course you must be 18+ years old.

So tell your friends, your mom,  your neighbors, basically everybody…
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Bleu de Chanel

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…And I am feeling good.
Especially because these news came across today: my all time favorite fragrance Bleu de Chanel by Chanel is bringing out an Eau de Parfum (EDP) edition on 31th August in Germany and guess who is going to hit the stores?! Me, the Chanel kid himself. Like seriously I am wearing the Eau de Toilette fragrance every day and I have never received that may compliments for a perfume in my life. Real talk!
Forget that boom chicka wah wah shit, because Chanel is taking it to another level of smelling good.

Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 5Note: this is my 300ml EDT Bleu de Chanel. EDP is coming out soon….

Just Cavalli

“Where is se party? I am se party!” -Roberto Cavalli-

This is my all time favorite quote by Roberto Cavalli.
The designer is known for one of the most innovative and revolutionary designs and famous for his signatory use of animal prints and colourful leathers.His fashion creations express sex, seduction, playful abandonment and that’s exactly what you get when buying Roberto Cavalli Eau de Toilette fragrances. Cavalli’s perfume and fragrance collections contain unique scents designed for the provocative woman and man who adore style and are young at heart, just like Mr. Cavalli himself is.

Foto 2With his new fragrance Just Cavalli Him the brand is just pushing his signature style: it’s a leather-ish fragrance with a snake-printed packaging. Created by Domitille Bertier and Clement Gavarry, the scent is giving you a blend of sensual woods and earthy notes, enriched with a slight smoky quality to the fragrance a symbol of energy and seduction.
Foto 1The new fragrance just for him is Cavalli at its best. It’s smells soooo damn good. Time to hit the party…
Plus it’s the perfect Christmas gift!!!

Foto 3
Just Cavalli Men – 50ml: 52,95€ 

Valentino Uomo

I have always been a sucker for good scents.  And that’s why I used to sneak into my brothers room before I went out because he had and still has the biggest collection of fragrances that you have probably ever seen. It was fragrance paradise. A own little shop just next door. Unfortunately he moved out, but I remember him always asking me if I used some of this fragrances, because they empty in a short matter of time. The answer was always no, but the cloud that was surrounding me and my room screamed YES!
So I don’t have no access to that, so I thought why not build your own little fragrance harem. Lately I have been on my Bleu de Chanel trip, which we mentioned before, but I need more. So let’s start with some Valentino. The legendary fashion house enlisted perfumer Olivier Polge to create a new masculine scent  called Valentino Uomo that will be launched at the beginning of 2014, but whoops, I already got it in my hands:
Foto 2It is a very classic but still casual scent with notes of bergamot and myrtle. The base notes of cedar wood and leather are reinforcing the scent’s composition and are giving the scent another vibe and level of masculinity. I know y’all be like: say whaaaat? And I am usually the same way. Mentioning all these ingredients sounds very intelligent, but in the end you still don’t know how it smells like. So let me try it this way: It’s kind of sweet and you can wear it during the day or also at night.
It’s about time to invent a way to smell stuff on the computer…
Foto 4 Foto 5 Foto 1The bottle looks cool, very stylish and is easy on the hand. It’s the right scent and the right bottle for a contemporary guy.
Foto 3Valentino Uomo will available in Europe, Russia and the Middle East from the beginning 2014 and a year later in 2015 will arrive in Asia, Latin and North America. It’s worth the wait!

Autumn Scent



New season, new scent. I don’t know about the weather in general, but in Paris, the rainy, drippy, uncomfortable side of autumn has really begun to show. Freezing cold, wet and approximately twenty minutes of daylight (which also may be because I tend to sleep in a lot)… So the only thing there is left to do is breaking out the Bailey’s, spike your hot chocolate, pull out a cozy, fluffy brand-new angora sweater (thank you Zara, for always taking care of me in times of need) – and switch from your summer perfume to something old, new, or blue.

Granted, Bleu de Chanel is a men’s perfume but after trying it pretty much every time I passed a Sephora, I decided why not give it a run. In a girly crew with all kinds of Chloé fragrances and the occasional Tom Ford, it’s nice to switch it up a bit. Although, which even I have to admit, it definitely smells nicer on men (yes, I made every male around me try it on), I like having a personal scent of the woody grapefruit fragrance, mixed with slight traces of smoke and fresh laundry powder (don’t judge an olfactory freak unless you smell it yourself!). A toast to fall!

Bleu de Chanel EdT 50ml 59,95€

Notes of citrus (bergamot, lemon, grapefruit), “deep blue sea” accord, peppermint, pink pepper, nutmeg, ginger, jasmine, cedar, vetiver, patchouli