Live in Concert

Went to the Sam Smith concert yesterday, but to be honest he wasn’t the one I was impressed by. Like he was singing way too many ballads, which (please don’t get me wrong) were good, but if I go to a concert I just wanna dance my ass off.  So the up-tempo songs were slowed down and I was just not feeling it. The arrangement for “La la la” feat Hotel Cabana was my shit! And even though the music might not be for me, Sam’s voice is beautiful!
Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetBut who really impressed me was the supporting act Years & Years. I haven’t heard from them before and the second the first beat dropped, me and my friend were like: “Ok, they must be from London. This is very UK.” And we were right! The band members Olly, Michael and Emre are a soulfoul electronic pop band from London. And their music is way too dope to not blog about it.

More on Years & Years Soundcloud!

FKA Twigs

And there she was dressed in all black everything, with this superstar aura and this clear angle-like voice: FKA twigs!
hhThe whole show was on point: her singing, her dancing, her talking… And I don’t know if you know that but streets are talking that she became known as twigs for the way her joints crack during warming up for dance classes. She added the initialism FKA (Formerly Known As) to her name when another artist called twigs complained about her use of the name. So where is the other artist now? Just asking…
However I was really impressed by the show. It was so different from everybody elses and I could swear it’s not only because the music is on a whole nother level of creativity. And I am  sorry for the German crowd being stiff as usual. It is such a difference if you got to a concert in the USA and Germany. Like huge difference!
1901905_717074935049384_6125151052380449291_n Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetShe is a walking piece of art. And I can’t wait for more to come!

Paper 30

Last night at Paper Magazine’s 30th anniversary party: Brooke Candy. And these GIFs speak more then 1000 words…
Foto (1) hh hh (1) hh (2) hh (3)

Nights Out

New York has been nothing but great with me. Seeing new faces on old places and new places with old faces. Causal NYC chilling with Kim Shui, Dasha from ZDDZ London and Karen from Coach:
Foto hh (2) hh (5)

Her Name Is Banks

Tuesday night I took a break from studying, sneaked out of my cave and went to see an American singer-songwriter and musician from Los Angeles/California that I have been following for a couple of months now. For me she is the female version of The Weeknd, that kind of went to the dark side of R&B with a voice that is showing pure vulnerability and songs that are catchy as fuck.

Her name is Banks.

She kept the crowd waiting for like an hour, which was not cool for me, because my body is used to sitting from all the studying, but as soon as she hit the first note the pain in my back was gone. I did my little head nodding, danced every now and then. I really didn’t move a lot, but the moving I did was 95% more than the rest of the audience did. Just saying.
I made a couple of pics and vids, but I am super sorry they kind of ended up being bad quality and and I need a new phone for real!

Foto 1 Foto 2And the moment when she started singing that Aaliyah cover, it was done. She scored:

Future Deutsche Welle

I am the biggest critic when it comes to German music, because I don’t like it at all. I don’t  know if it’s  not creative enough or maybe the language is just not compatible with my ears, but it is doing nothing for me. Well, mostly it is doing nothing for me, but of course exceptions are granted. And I am super glad that I came across the singer Lary:
BOLD_Palladium_UrbanExplorers_Berlin_MG_5028First of all: her look is the dopest shit ever! But her attitude is even cooler. So meet Lary during the Palladium Explorer Series in Berlin (make sure you listen to the music in the background):

These Palladium boots are dope as fuck. I have to make sure I get them. But let’s talk about Lary for another second. Lary is connection music, fashion, poetry and sex with her voice, lyrics and music. It’s German-singing pop with a blues, soul and electronic mix that is super unique for the German music scene. In the end I can just say that I am a fan. And who would have thought I would say that to a German singing artist.

BOLD_Palladium_UrbanExplorers_Berlin_MG_4741 BOLD_Palladium_UrbanExplorers_Berlin_MG_4831 BOLD_Palladium_UrbanExplorers_Berlin_MG_5045

Pictures via Bold Berlin