Paris Diet



So with Paris Fashion Week being over, it’s time to touch those carbs again. Because even if you don’t actually model during that week (and haven’t been posting hungry Instagram pictures… yes, referring to you, Hanne Gaby and your Croque Bolognaise, Hye Park and everyone else who was being fully honest about the stress of fashion month), it gets to you.

Here is what happened to me during PFW food-wise:

1) Plan to get up super early the night before. Planning next day’s outfit in my head. Waking up the next day, tossing out all previous plans and being late for the shows anyways. No healthy breakfast smoothie here… oh, well, nicotine for breakfast then. (Missed meal #1)

2) Get to the show. Eyegoogling through the camera. Forgetting that such things apart from fashionable, beautiful people actually exist. Show starts with at least half an hour delay, the stomach begins to grumble the second all beautiful fashionable people are out of sight. Didn’t want to miss any (more) street style shots, decide to have nicotine snack instead of actual snack. (Missed meal #2)

3) Show ends. Forget the thirty additional minutes in between that were planned for food (farewell, Nutella crêpe!), follow the herd, snap away… (Missed meal #3)

4) This repeats itself three times in the next 6 hours. I give up and retreat to a Kinder Bueno from the subway vending machine. Time to go out and wear that cropped top. With all those models running wild and free, NO ONE HAS THE NERVE FOR A FOODBABY.

Just imagine my delight when you could actually stroll the streets again, not needing to keep your eyes peeled for the next street style sensation but actually, you know, widen the tunnel stare just enough to discover: Pierre Hermé.

I know, I know, the hardcore Parisians will all be like, pfff, so 2011 (or even more passé?) but I just discovered the sinfully good macaroon (and cake and everything delicious and beautifully packaged there is to be dreamt of) maker and I thought I’d need to share this (common) knowledge anyways. Better than Ladurée, just saying. xEve

I am officially excluding PFW Sunday from this list because that was the night of the Chloé afterparty. God bless Hôtel Particulier’s exquisite catering!


Chloé Treats


With Clare Waight Keller, creative director of Chloé


Colorful deliciousness

The other day at the Chloé afterparty, I had the honor to meet the label’s creative director, the beautiful, but most of all, incredibly talented Clare Waight Keller. In her summer collection 2014 for the label, she mixed up the typical Chloé relaxed elegance with boyfriend-cut shorts, tapered pants and standout cut-out tops and laser-cut lace pieces which were to die for.

While stuffing my face with the tiny, delicious treats that were served at the party at the beautiful Hôtel Particulier in Montmartre (and drowning it all with glasses of champagne… just another casual Sunday), I observed the crowd, many of whom work for the company and once again, I had to duly note in my head:

When you (finally) grow up and get a job, work in fashion; not liking your colleagues is just so much harder if they have great style.


As seen at the afterparty

Below are a few of my favorite looks from the SS2014 collection:





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Trendy Eats



2013 is the birthing year for unheard vocabulary making it into the dictionaries and the cream-filled sugary cross-breeding between a donut and a croissant pictured above is no exception. While one half of all Instagramers apparently only #eatsclean while walking the treadmill, the other half stands in line in front of Dominique Ansel Bakery to buy a $5 piece of pastry and rave on about its deliciousness to all their friends, advertising a 4-hour wait in front of a bakery. A bakery!

If Marie-Antoinette had let the French plebs wait for this kind of cake, perhaps the feeling of hunger wouldn’t even have come up since according to raving Yelp reviews, the wait is “totally worth it”. So if only the French had something to pair with those passé croissants…

In short, they were vanilla cream-filled deliciousness that I didn’t have to stand in line for (take that, Emma Roberts!) because Hamburg bakeries believe in selling half-priced goods after 6pm and not creating faux-hype food with 6am queues.

By the way, cronuts are called “Kultkringel” in Germany. No judgment.