The Shit I’m Wearing: Adidas

For this post I tried to make something different and keep it as real and urban as possible. And maybe just because this was the most spontaneous #ootd shooting I have ever done. And in my mind I thought:  If Karl can use his Ipad, then I can use my Iphone (basically that’s what I say all the time).  So this is what happened:

Me and a friend of mine where walking down the city when we heard classical music coming out of this building. And so we entered it, I was literally like: My outfit is all Adidas everything, this building is fucking insane, let’s take these pictures! And btw this was the most relaxing shooting I have ever done.

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And I am just obsessed with the Adidas shoes and sweater I am wearing. And if I wasn’t a fashion blogger I would say that I wear it almost every day, but this is probably not a part of the blogging etiquette.
So the sweater is from Nigo’s first Adidas collection named Originals by Nigo, who is inspired by vintage sportswear. And in case you don’t know who Nigo is, you should do some research! But most definitively you have seen his face somewhere! To make it super short: Nigo is a Japanese music producer and DJ who worked with Pharrell and the creator of the urban clothing line A Bathing Ape. And the Adidas collection is sooooo good! See yourself:Originals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoOriginals by NigoWanna shop the look? Here you go:
1. Sweater: Originals by Nigo
2. Jeans: Cheap Monday
3. Bag: H&M x Alexander Wang
4. Shoes: Adidas 
5. Shirt: Urban Outfitters (Vintage section)

The Shit I’m …

I am so busy with life right now that I don’t even have time to write a full post. And with life I mean uni and football (WorldCup). Well, actually it’s World Cup only.
So all I can say about this post is: it’s not about fashion, it’s about moments, except that I am bringing Ashish’s SS14 carrier bags to the street (being ironic right now). The pictures below were made in Navigli, a beautiful  area were you can find a system of navigable and interconnected canals around Milan. And it’s the place where you can get the best gelato and crêpes ever. This is the place where I learned to order ice cream in Italian, so if you need help with the language just hit me up.
IMG_0340 (2) IMG_0350 IMG_0357 IMG_0393 IMG_0505 IMG_0418 IMG_0510

Vlieger & Vandam

Click Click Bang Bang.
A black leather bag with a distinct profile of a gun by luxury label VLIEGER & VANDAM is the boldest and most daring fashion piece I have seen in a long time. 
My first reaction seeing this was like: “This is the dopest shit ever! This will turn  a couple of heads.” But my second reaction was: “If I would wear this in public, how would everybody else react? Would I even get arrested for that?” 


Carolien Vlieger and Hein van Dam, trained as graphic designer and industrial designer, respectively, started the VLIEGER & VANDAM label in 2004 in response to the overwhelming success of their collaboration in 2002. This collaboration named ‘The Guardian Angel Handbag’ was a comment from both designers on all the media attention to street violence in the city of Rotterdam, the place where they had just settled. Those early Guardian Angels were assembled with parts from second hand handbags and new brightly coloured felt embossed with a distinct profile of a large kitchen knife or handgun. A handbag turned out to be the perfect vehicle for an international widely felt and far from salon fähig sentiment. In 2005 the Guardian Angel Handbags were even  featured in the exhibition SAFE: Design Takes on Risk at MoMA in New York, where they have been part of the collection ever since.

I would really like to know how people would react to me wearing it. Let’s try…

w_vliegervandam_ss14_12101_black_1 vliegervandam_10301_black_front_1


Pictures via Vlieger & Vandam

Chanel Kids

As Chanel kids and friends of Karl we are very familiar with the lifestyle that is surrounded by the label Chanel. We basically are Chanel (let’s keep it real here!). And because of that we are always excited when something Chanel-ish is coming up like the exhibition “The Chanel Legend” (or “Mythos Chanel” in German) in Hamburg’s Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe.
We don’t have to discuss how much Coco Chanel has paved the way in terms of fashion, accessories, style, the sense of beauty, society and life in general, art and even this blog. And this exhibition takes all of that and investigates  why it is that the person of Coco Chanel and the brand she established have attracted such huge attention up to and including the present, which is also due to the brilliant achievement of Karl Lagerfeld in combining this legacy with the fluctuating currents of contemporary taste since 1983.

Foto 1

What I really like about this exhibition is that the moment you walk in, you feel like you are in a boutique except that you are not allowed to touch anything. But that’s actually also what you feel when you are in a regular Chanel boutique: you are mesmerized and when you just touch the fashion pieces you are asking yourself if this moment is real. The carpet and the mirrors on the wall reminded me of Coco’s famous studio (the staircase to be exact), which is giving you the ultimate Chanel feeling and at the same time is a smart way to pay a, let’s say, unconscious homage to Mrs. Chanel.
Foto 4

Coco Chanel’s style was copied or new interpreted by many designers. Like the latest example is Jeremy Scott for Moschino where he puts a ironic Chanel touch into the AW14 collection. But there is a whole wall dedicated to the copy cats. A WHOLE WALL!

Foto 3What really got me excited is following: the Chanel N°5 posters by Andy Warhol. For 2 minutes I was literally standing in front of them and thinking about how to take them off and leave the museum with nobody noticing. I honestly imaged them on my wall. But I know I would fail and I don’t want to risk to go to jail. But these are the perfect postersl for my future apartment. All that remained is this picture right here:

Foto 2 Foto 5So if you are around the corner make sure you visit the exhibition called “The Chanel Legend”, which is open to see till May 2014. It’s definitely worth it and gives you an idea of how Chanel became the legend that it is today!

And for the future (if my opinion does count) I would love to see an exhibition about how Chanel transformed from the classic look to a look that is more anticipated and adapted to the needs of the 90s, 2000s, even today. Because the legend that is Chanel created not only fashion classics. Karl Lagerfeld would put it this way: “Doing collections, doing fashion is like a non-stop dialogue.” And I am looking for a new Chanel dialogue to start…

Rainy Motherfucker

The shit I’m doing: standing in the rain. Thank you, London!