Berlin. Berlin. Berlin.
A fashion week that is not relevant and at the same time not irrelevant. It’s just stuck in the middle (and every business/economy student knows that this is the worst position ever) and I think I am going to make a marketing plan to make it more attractive to the international fashion scene. although MBFWB is in it’s core super international. And labels like IVANMAN make me not want to give up on this certain week. The designer Ivan Mandzukic is bringing colourblocking into FW15 and I like the fact he is giving his style, which is more on the classical look kind of side, a more colorful twist.  And I feel like with the color orange he is in tune with the FW15 times.  See yourself:

ivanman ivanman ivanman ivanman ivanman ivanman


Soulland: Exotic Erotic

I seriously asked myself: why am I always late with shit? I need to set my priorities right for 2k15 and post things in time and on time. But then again fashion can never be old news…

So during LCM Soulland was presenting their AW15 collection “Exotic Erotic”.
Soulland was founded in 2002 and is owned by designer Silas Adler and CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner. Its design principles and aesthetics have their origins in Scandinavian artisanship combined with a contemporary feel. Whilst always remembering its legacy, Soulland aims to push menswear forward in new directions.
Presenting two seasonal collections alongside two pre-collections every year, Soulland has received much acknowledgement from international press outlets such as The New York Times, Euroman, GQ, ID Magazine, Bangkok Post, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and Selectism. Soulland designer Silas Adler was awarded Designer of the Year at DANSK Fashion Awards 2012. Open your eyes:
soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland


Suaré New York

I don’t know who they are. And I don’t know what they do. But I know where to shop their shit. Check out Suaré New York, because this looks promising:
suaré new york suaré new york suaré new york suaré new york suaré new york suaré new yorkPictures via Suaré New York

Shaun Samson

Sundays are not made for blogging, but it’s still more then 12 hours till Monday. And I cannot wait till Monday to talk about this! So I took my hung-over (kidding but I’m still tired from clubbing) ass to the laptop and tried to at least say something about this designer who I have been watching since AW13:

Shaun Samson is a California-born Birtish-trained menswear designer launching his label his self-named label in 2011. With a strong desire to pursue design, Samson successfully completed his first AA in Fashion Design in LA. Then continued further studies in manufacturing and product development under scholarship at FIDM and pursue Design Education at Central St. Martins, earning A BA and MA degree in fashion menswear. Samson managed to work on four collections for Jeremy Scott through his degree. Samson’s AW11/12 collection was exclusively sponosored by Woolrich and was showcased as part of London Fashion Week in February 2011.

And yea, like I said I have been watching this kid since his AW 2013 collection and his collections get better and better and better and it has been on a high level from the beginning (just to make that very clear!). For his SS15 collection Samson was inspired by camping and is taking boy scouts to the streets. And since I am representing Ghetto Chanel, this is just right up my (ghetto) alley. The shapes and prints are so dope:

Shaun Samson ss15 1235215_710669842331676_3386039809997668902_n 10603266_710669615665032_2175830152813949557_n 10641186_710669625665031_2394446301466074359_n 10659382_710669678998359_1393705941738709181_n 10660310_710669575665036_4640414386091550062_n 10687136_710669675665026_4351218734560835958_nPictures via Shaun Samson

Nights Out

New York has been nothing but great with me. Seeing new faces on old places and new places with old faces. Causal NYC chilling with Kim Shui, Dasha from ZDDZ London and Karen from Coach:
Foto hh (2) hh (5)