Break The Internet

While Kim Kardashian is breaking the internet with her butt, Antimatter is talking the internet and the cyber world (from seapunk, netart to webpunk to you fucking name it) into their FW14 lookbook for a collection called “Sunset At Noon”.  And the Seoul based streetwear brand is  pushing it to perfection with it! Like not only the clothes are dope as fuck. but the lookbook presentation is just on point.
And as soon as I converted Won into €  and got money on my bank account I will purchase the shit out of their webshop. In the meantime I will just stare at this lookbook:
Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook_fy17 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy3 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy5 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy6 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy9 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy12 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy14
Pictures via Antimatter


In Bloom

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The student, graphic designer and photographer Andri Koiava spread his work of art called In Bloom on his Tumblr page Each scan represents different sexual stages in our lives. Andri thought it would be fun to represent this through the two most feminine things he knows: p*ussy and flowers.
The stages he created are (in order) innocence, lust and elegance.

tumblr_mijxd3ArV51rth19bo1_1280 tumblr_mijxd3ArV51rth19bo2_1280 tumblr_mijxd3ArV51rth19bo3_1280And I bet Andri had fun creating these…. kidding (not kidding). But real talk now: I think it is a creative way to address something that still makes people blush.