ETQ Amsterdam

Let’s cut the bullshit for today, because it’s been a loooong day and I am tired as fuck. I am blessed but stressed and am seeking my bed so bad. And so ETQ Amsterdam is fulfilling all my needs right now by keeping random questions about their background and who they are short and simple:


On point! And not only the designs of ETQ Amsterdam‘s sneakers are dope is fuck, but so is their attitude. And they don’t need all that blah blah blah, because the sneakers speak for themselves. So serious question: can I like seriously have these and live? I swear these are made for me to walk in. So check out my favorites, but don’t forget there is more on

etq amsterdam etq amsterdam etq amsterdametq-amsterdam-mid-top-2-all-white-full-extra
Good night y’all and I bet I will be dreaming about wearing these sneakers.

Pictures via ETQ Amsterdam

Because The Internet

The internet is the place to be (if that expression makes any sense). And I am so sad to say this, but everything happens on the internet first, before it’s in Vogue or in the streets. I know, you know, everybody knows, and so does designer Raun Larose!

Independent designer and New York native, Raun Larose founded his label in 2009 as a lifestyle brand for young, fashion-forward men. His designs are wearable, unique and avant-garde, incorporating classic menswear tailoring. For the past three seasons, Larose has quietly turned out impressive collections and continues to be innovative in his designs. He has already received international, critical acclaim from the fashion media (including us right now)…

The SS15 collection named “Because The Internet” is inspired by the range of feelings and emotions the study of Internet evoked and by concepts like Isolation, Unity, Freedom and Consumption. I am seriously waiting for the day when the internet becomes a independent religion (just kidding), but seriously the dopest fashion things happen online. Or maybe I am just weird…However this collection is dope af:
raun la rose ss15 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy1 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy2 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy3 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy7 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy11Pictures via Raun LaRose

The Shit I’m Wearing: Too Cool For School

I am all about education and shit, but last week at uni was not fun at all. Like classes were boring. So I decided to walk through the uni and just took random selfies at random places. And I probably left the class room every 5 minutes and my classmates and professor might have thought that I have diarrhea or some, but I don’t care. It just turned out that I am too cool for school (or I just wish to be):
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Wanna buy the shirt? Get it from This Is Not Clothing. And seriously this is one of the best t-shirts I have ever bought, because the quality is really really good and worth every cent!

Bold And Bright

That moment when you realize that everything is going wrong: I’m broke with expensive taste, uni sucks big times and I just crashed my glasses this morning, because I was sitting on them. WTF? Why is life turning from being super awesome to being a serious piece of shit?

But it’s time to be bold and bright! Bold and fucking bright!
Just like London-based fashion brand Typical Freaks. All collections are hand crafted jewellery and clothing, designed and made in London by Sonia Xiao and Seun Ade-Onojobi. And the collections are getting better and better and better: very urban, very street and that lookbook seems to show some real life moments (which I am a huge fan of!).

typical freaks 10538610_695394073877538_8030984862934871483_n 10590555_695394240544188_1961701779582572295_n 10626578_695393337210945_650180875763212874_n 10659431_695395357210743_598156082620510043_n 10696465_695393870544225_8509666025916796408_n

Pictures via Typical Freaks
Photographer: Nuala Swan – MUA: Molly Sheridan – Model: Grace at M+P – Hair: Rochelle Jolley

TRA$H Collection

I truly have to apologize for being the worst (and maybe the best at the same time, just kidding) blogger ever. Because this right here was on my “To Write” list since forever and I just kept on pushing it back for whatever reasons. So don’t ask me why! But  finally the day has come and I really want you to not forget breathing when I talk about DI$COUNT UNIVER$E.


Co-Founders Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James are based in Melbourne/ Australia. They started the label in 2009, launching their online store in mid 2010. Prior to releasing actual collections the girls were being interviewed as designers by some of the best publications, based on the breakout success of their blog and their utter conviction and dedication to their path. Since then, the brand has grown at record pace. They met at RMIT University whilst studying and both had a strong desire to shake up an industry they felt was stuck on repeat. Their designs are provocative, satirical and thoughtful and have caught the eye of some of the best creative minds of this century.

DI$COUNT is a brand, an idea, an image, a dialogue, a strategy, a transformation, a design, this blog, a motion picture, a label, a personality, a website, a quote, a garment, an emotion and an evolution. A
nd that vision can be seen in their TRA$H Collection. But WARNING: If you wear one of these pieces and I see you wearing it on the street and you look cute at the same time, then I just might marry you (for real!). Like no escape. In the meanwhile check out some of their fashion pieces:
June-2 mermaidcrop2 mermaidcrop3 pinkeyebra1 SPIDER4 Cactus2 discount-june-41Pictures via DI$COUNT