The Shit I’m Wearing: Ayasofya

When I got to the plane to Istanbul I was determined to not use my Iphone. No pictures, no calls, no internet. Nothing. Just me and the city for one whole week. But as soon as I drove up with the cap into this metropolis I couldn’t resist. Like I captured the pics in my brain, but I needed people to see what Istanbul is about.

So I took my ass to Hagia Sophia, a former Greek Orthodox church, which  later became an imperial mosque and now is a museum in Istanbul/Turkey. This place is almost 1500 years old. Like imagine how many people where walking in and out of this monument. Even the thought is just surreal. So at the end of the day this The Shit I’m Wearing thing came out without me having the intention to do so, because vacations are made to relax or nah?!
But I think the though of “When Occident Meets Orient” is captured perfectly (no bragging!).

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Wanna shop the look?
1. Sweater: Asos
2. Shorts: Topman (similar here)
3. Shoes: Converse

Past, Preset, Future

It’s been like 5 years since I passed my “Abitur”, which is a diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation. 5 fucking year! What made me think of my time at school and the matter that time just runs is following:  I saw these pictures of Cass Tech High School in Detroit made by  and that shit got me thinking.
tumblr_mq6xmx4l3n1s2jvzco2_500 tumblr_mq6xmx4l3n1s2jvzco7_500 The library, from a picture in an early 90's yearbook. tumblr_mq6xmx4l3n1s2jvzco1_500

So is a website dedicated to documenting the past, present and future of the City of Detroit. Urbex stands for urban exploration, which is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment. So in this case it’s urban exploration of Detroit. Exploring and researching abandoned homes, schools, churches, and hospitals is one way to examine and understand the complicated history of the city. Buildings are what is left of the social bonds that tied together people, neighborhoods, and the city.

Would I ever go back in time and go back to school? Hell no! Too cool for school (don’t get me wrong: education is important, but no need to do it twice, if you know what I mean).

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Daily Dose Of Art

And here comes my daily dose of art.
I remember that after all the shopping and sightseeing that was done in Milan I need a little bit of education. And it was nowhere else but on the Duomo di Milano (Milan cathedral) where I saw this huge billboard of Gustav Klimt’s painting saying that there is an exhibition  called Klimt – Alle Origini di un Mito ( The origins of a legend) at the Palazzo Reale Milano, which is actually next to the Duomo.  This was the moment where I ran down the stairs of the Duomo, which was kind of claustrophobic and I had a couple of small panic attacks, but I survived.

However, I payed my ticket, got in to exhibition and was surrounded with Klimt’s best known masterpieces from Adam and Eve (1917) to Judith II (1909) and The Sunflower (1907). Just a side note: Gustav Klimt is an Austrian symbolist painter, who’s primary subject was the female body and his pictures all seem kind of erotic.
And you should know me by know and this should not surprise you: I tried to take pictures. I just wish these pictures would show how the paintings really look like, because the quality is shit and it looks brutally beautiful when you stand in front of them. But hey I tried and this is just a sneak peak, you really have to go and see the exhibition :

10384145_812932185384830_6749690826594412725_n Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 5