Nights Out

New York has been nothing but great with me. Seeing new faces on old places and new places with old faces. Causal NYC chilling with Kim Shui, Dasha from ZDDZ London and Karen from Coach:
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This not Bob the Builder material, this is major fashion boner alert!
Me describing their F/W 13 collection as jiggy urban shit, a mixture between elegance and street,  XXBC  is giving me all I ever wanted: a grey sweatsuit featuring horizontal cotton floral panels. In my opinion the designers Alex Lee and William Thompson  created a classic urban- and streetwear fashion piece.

tumblr_msw8b1ggM91ruf419o6_1280Like you don’t understand: you can wear these pieces all day, every day! You can sleep in them (because it’s probably that comfortable, but that would be a shame!). You can get your coffee at Starbucks having a chill-out zone moment. You can wear it at work (if you combine it right, even as business outfit). And you can go to a club, be the coolest kid around town and have the illest outfit on! Like honestly: If you wear this collection you will not only be comfortable all the time, but you will look better than 90% of the other people walking around.

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The lookbook itself just reminds me of myself during my vacations in Croatia. We live in a little village, but it has the same urban flair. However…I just want you guys to adopt me so I have access to fresh looking clothes all the time!

Pictures via XXBC
hotography: James Parker – Model: Eric Lusha – Hair/Make-up: Michela Waribie – Creative Direction: Alex Lee, Will Thompson, Rhamier Auguste

My HipHop dealer: Rocksmith

I am tired of partying. There is always two ways the party ends up: either the music is good, but the people are trash. Or the people are cool, but the music is fucked up. 
And the next time they play shit like FloRida and Pitbull and all this mainstream trash, I will go up to the DJ and throw up on his Apple Macintosh. And I will do it for free and with pleasure. I wouldn’t say that I am a Hip Hop pro. Actually I am not at all, but at least give me some new stuff, so I can thing about it, do my research and evaluate if I like it or not (you know how I mean that, right?). Just give me some new stuff!
I swear I need to go back to New York. Every time I was in the club I was checking the Shazam app half of the time. If you see somebody in New York using the Shazam app: Yupp, that’s probably me!
So to compensate the stuff I don’t get in the club, I have to crave for new music on the internet. And that’s when everybody is complaining that the youth of today is chilling on the internet instead of being outside. Wow, I’m passing a lot of criticism with this post!
But I just wanted to talk about Rocksmith’s Blog, which is giving me the real inside to US Hip Hop, especially with New York City’s new, young incredible artists.
295280_409190612481658_1356862239_nActually Rocksmith is a streetwear brand based in Brooklyn, NY. The brand was born in Tokyo but now calls New York home. They are deeply rooted in Hip Hop and and sometimes referred as “Your Favorite Rappers, Favorite Brand”. And telling by the rappers (Bow Wow, Curren$y etc.) that visited the store in NY it definitely is your favorite rappers favorite brand! So this brand is giving me the full package: a Hip Hop lifestyle package. And this is dope!
So check out the latest fall drop featuring the rapper Curren$y:
Last weekend even the MJFRESH x Rocksmith Collab Pop Up Shop in Taipei opened. For this event a limited amount of shirts (see below) were made. And this is sooooooo dope. I want one (or two, or three)!
1379407_654395244594866_105576434_n_grande 1395367_654395267928197_1053462924_n_grande

Don’t forget to visit to SHOP!!!

Throwback Thursay w/ Kim Shui

It’s Throwback Thursday.
And this is one story I like to be thrown back to. I remember that it was probably a Friday evening and me and a friend of mine decided to chill in the Lower East Side in New York. We weren’t about clubbing this night, so we chose to chill in bars. This time: the Gallery Bar, which is a really cool place to chill, meet people with great style, enjoy good music and art at the same time. And this is exactly where we met a dear friend of mine: the one and only designer Kim Shui.
She is such a sweet girl and we were small talking. And we left really soon. But the funny thing is that we met her accidentally on a couple occasions, which is really weird for a city like New York to meet the same people over and over again. So Kim is such a talented designer. I had to mention her on this blog.
1097993_10152600729930942_69114353_nKim graduated from Duke University with a double major in Economics and French and from a post-bac studies degree in Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design. And I personally would describe her womenswear collections as minimalist avant-garde, which is still very wearable. Her new collection TRANSCED is the best I have seen this far and please don’t get me wrong, because her other collections PERCEPTION and CAVITY are mad cool, too.
Peep the latest one:


Here is what Kim says about her inspiration for this collection: “The collection  is Inspired by the strength, light, space and story of the architecture of gothic cathedrals, the pieces link its structures and the human body.”
5617365_orig 4196695_orig

“Through recreating the shapes and construction techniques used in that of the cathedral that allowed it to reach amazing new heights with strength and stability, the garments work to empower its wearer. The fabric combinations and textures all serve in highlighting the role of light and bring to life the various elements and materials used for a cathedral such as speckled stone, wood and glass.”

6664186_orig 6333190_orig

“By focusing on the mélange of shades of a color and differing textures, the transparent silk organza, lacquered tweed, speckled wool, and fine lamb leather all come together to represent light at different degrees. Transparent silk organza is placed like stained glass windows with some of the panels recreated as if light were entering the body.”


So please like, share and support Kim Shui on Facebook!
This is just the beginning!