Rachel James

Coming back from New York everything I wanna do know is just focus on fashion, music and art (so basically this blog), so I can detract myself from the things that are actually not happening in the city I live and escape from reality. Like life is so different and I’m just like “urgh” everywhere I go, which actually is not good and I am going to change it right now.
So enough about me, let’s talk about the finer things in life. Like I was kinda disspointed in NYFW, because it made me realize how much I miss London’s streetwear on fashion shows. Like that raw and urban look that London is giving us, if you know what I mean? But booom, I found what I was looking for in Rachel James SS15 collection.

rachel jamesSS15 sees the launch of Rachel James Menswear Westminster Graduate. Her collection entitled “Granny Flower/ Man Power” (the name is so dope), was initially inspired by 70’s working class Britain though the nostalgic photography by Tony Ray Jones, who fascinated by the eccentricities of English social customs, spent the latter half of the 1960’s travelling across England, photographing what he saw as a disappearing way of life.
unnamed (1) unnamed (2)Drawn to the common references to florals in day to day life: in particular in the women swear and the wallpapers of the homes. The bright bold cashing color schemes and the moody strong men living in this 70’s world.
Her designs are for refined, creative, masculine men whilst using experimental pattern cutting and custom designed fabrics to make luxurious initiative sports-inspired clothing. By translating her love of 3D shapes and nostalgic ideas into functional. wearable and desirable pieces. Including a range of re-worked shirts, printed lambs leather trousers, t-shirts, jackets and knitwear pieces.
unnamed (3) unnamed (5)Good stuff!

Pictures via Black PR

Dope As F**k

This right here happened during Berlin Fashion Week, too: Franziska Michael showed her spring summer 2015 collection and is in retrospective one of my favorites. And this collection is everything Berlin needed. And I am also going to tell you why in a second.

Franziska Michael’s designs are characterised by contrast. Structure and fluidity, colour and monochrome, natural fibres and high-tec synthetics are all employed to create men’s and women’s wear that defies expectations. Having studied Fashion Design at Esmod International University of Art for Fashion, Berlin, Franziska Micheal set up her self-named label in 2009. For her SS15 Franziska is bringing a colourful, very 90s clubkid mixed with HipHop collection. 

And I have to admit I read a couple of articles before I wrote this, saying that her style is not very typically Berlin and at the same time I am wondering if this person (the author of the article I have read) has ever been on the streets of Berlin. Probably not. Like I am not even from this metropolis, but I do know  that Franzsika Michael’s fashion is representing a part of Berlin’s fashion scence (even if it’s only a small one, but still it is typically Berlin). And I bet I just mentioned Berlin three times per sentence right now, but you know what I am trying to say. Just stop putting the fashion of a city in categories just because it’s not mainstream. However I honestly thing that this collection would have gotten more attention if it was shown during London Fashion Week…(and I even feel bad for saying this, because I want her to show her stuff in Berlin).

As I said this is one of the best collections of BFW SS15 and you better take a  look at it:
Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy7 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy1 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy3 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy5 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy6Pictures via Fucking Young

The Shit I’m Wearing: Tothem

I went through the Italy pictures I had and I realized that I still haven’t even posted half of them. So there is still a bunch of Italy coming your way.

At the end of my trip I was in Biella, a beautiful little town about 80k m away from Milan, where every corner looked like a potential film set. I was just waiting for the cameras and actors to pop out of nowhere, which kind of not happened, but you know if Hollywood is calling the mayor it is probably because of this post right here ( just kidding).
However, we were just about to go to dinner when we saw this orange digger unattended in one of the alleys. Not only that orange is the new black, but my wish to become Bob the Builder one day has come true. I just jumped right on it and was ready for the pictures to be taken. And there are some pictures that are not meant for the public (because I just look stupid) but are hilarious as fuck.

So these bunch of tourist shoots turned into a whole shooting and since I am wearing one of my favorite brands, I thought I could make a The Shit I’m Wearing post out of it.
So I wear a Tothem t-shirt, which is one of these brands I just want to own. Like wearing is not enough I literally want to own the whole company. That’s how fucking dope it is. So even if you are on the trip and you probably have worn everything in your suitcase at least once, the Tothem shirt is the perfect item to pimp up every simple outfit.

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned…because I am not even close with being done with my Italian story…
IMG_10hg10 IMG_1013gugu IMG_1179 IMG_0962 IMG_0959

James Long SS15

And besides all the world cup craziness that is going on, The Shit I’m Talking took a couple of games off and decided to join the fashion world a little bit more. To be precise we are attending London Collections: Men right now. And real talk: the London fashion scene is the best! It has always been and I think it will be (at least for a couple of upcoming seasons).
Why I am saying this?
One reason is the designer James Long. Long completed his MA in menswear and accessories at the Royal College of Art and worked for Virginia Bates in New York and London before setting up his own label. The brand is known for strong, bold,  out of the box and directional menswear. And that’s exactly what James Long is showing us for SS15.
His SS15 collection is very urban, colorful and wearable (a fucked up word to describe fashion, because fashion is always wearable (because either you can wear it or you can’t), but you know what I mean!).

Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 5

My favorite looks in detail and HD:
KIM_1392.450x675 KIM_1469.450x675 KIM_1480.450x675 KIM_1653.450x675Pictures via Style.com

Holi Seflie

Holi shit! Just came home from the Holi Festival of Colors in Hamburg and decided to do a spontaneous selfie shooting. Selfie game strong!
Foto 3 Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 4

Dent de Man

It’s raining. Oh baby, it’s raining.
But nah, for real: it’s raining! And as soon as one drop is falling down the sky, everybody is getting dressed in black…again! Like folks it’s May, you can still have some bright colors on, although it’s fucking raining. But I guess I am demanding for too much.

So I figured I need to introduce you to Dent de Man, so you can see that color is not your enemy, but your friend!
Hailing from the creative hub for fashion, art and culture that is East London since the summer of 2012, Dent de Man demonstrates a unique approach to style with classic tailoring and individually sourced fabrics. The motifs used are adapted to exemplify the designer’s admiration of vintage style, along with a profound love of culture and beauty. 
Self-expression is core to Dent de Man’s philosophy. The designs capture an understated and charming elegance allowing you to stand out from the crowd without a contrived demand for attention. A Dent de Man garment must be worn, it cannot just simply wear you.

Here is the SS14 campaign:

DDM00272_-edit-II-for-web-1024x1536 DDM00442_-edit-II-for-web-1024x1536 DDM00725_-edit-for-web-1024x1536 DDM00205_-edit-II-for-web-1024x1536


Pictures via Dent de Man