Sadak FW15

MBFWB is run by the Balkan connection. And I absolutely like it. Plus SADAK had by far (by faaaaaar) the best runway collection for FW15 (in Berlin). And it could have not been more Ghetto Chanel:
sadakSadak’s designer Sasa Kovacevic is a Serbian-born fashion and stage/costume designer. He graduated in Fashion Design from Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin,Germany; he also studied Stage and Costume Design at the Academy of Art, Belgrade. In addition to designing for his own Fashion Label- SADAK, Sasa has also designed costumes and set design for several dance projects. And this shit better land in my wardrobe.
sadak sadak The clothing is innovative and unique, while still incorporating distinctive elements from a variety of preceding periods and ethnic cultures.The various inspirations for the collections are essentially what makes them so superior in character. It’s not only the collection as a whole that comes with a motive, it’s the individual works themselves.
sadak sadak sadak

Always at the core of his universe (and as essential as the clothes themselves) are attitudes, moods and statements about individuality and independence. Equally important in SADAK’ s approach is the constant quest for innovation. The key elements stay the same: modern proportions, a constant research for fabrics and textures and above all the interplay of pure construction and new shapes with the body and psyche of the contemporary fashion and art.
sadak sadakSo a major HVALA for putting the right light on MBFWB!


It Was All A Dream

So my NYC trip seems like it was all a dream. Everything went by so fast and I had the time of my life. So everything that is left over is this and a couple of memories:

And I truly believe in signs in life. And you can call me crazy, but as soon as the plane started, I turned on my Iphone to listen to some music and Beyonce’s Mine came on and the first thing she was singing is:

I’ve been watching for the signs

Took a trip to clear my mind
Now I’m even more lost
And you’re still so fine, oh my, oh my

And my Iphone was on pause or I pressed pause unconsciously. I don’t fucking know what this is supposed to mean. But I guess I’ll figure out soon…Foto (1)


To me there is nothing sexier than a women who is confident, feminine, has her own kind of elegance and is not afraid of attention. And that’s exactly the type of woman that the designers Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović of the label TWINS by Begović & Štimac  create fashion for.

Damir Begović and Domagoj Štimac met in hight school,  studied textile, design and applied arts  together and after they graduated the design duo established the label TWINS by Begović & Štimac. Soon after there first collection for spring/summer 2012/2013  was shown, the label was winning the ELLE style award for Best Young Fashion Designers in Croatia. And here is the thing: I like to see Croatian people succeed. I just do.

And especially when I realized that the two designers and I have a couple of things in common: not only are we into fashion, but we come from the same region in Croatia.  And that means that there is a high possibility to be related (nah,  just kidding!). But the region is playing a huge part for the inspiration of the new TWINS campaign, because it is kind of showing the preparation for the confirmation ceremony. Since Croatia is a very religious and a tradition oriented country this campaign feels like home to me. And the mixture between feeling at home and doing it in an artsy way is making it really special.

I don’t know, but this just makes me proud.

Twins (7) Twins (4) Twins (8) Twins (11) Twins (12)

Twins (5)Pictures via Twins by Begovic & Stimac
PHOTO: Jakov Baričić – MUA: Iva Mandić – MODELS: Ana Begović, Marija Kovač i Karmela Lenić

Suzy Love

People who are not in the fashion scene always tend to give fame and fortune to the ones in front of the camera. And the ones behind it often seem to be forgotten. But let’s keep in mind that the people behind the camera are as important as the ones in front of it.

And that’s why I wanna take the time to talk about the Berlin based photographer
Suzana Holtgrave, who is actually from Pula/Croatia, and worked for every fucking fashion magazine you know. From KALTBLUT magazine to Cake-Mag, you can  name it and it will probably appear on her “worked for” list. So for her recent shoot named “Into The Wild!” for KALTBLUT Suzana did an amazing Croatian Story using labels like, Sasa Obradovic, Silvio Ivkic, Marija Kulusic.

What I honestly appreciate about this shoot is not only the fashion, but the fact that she is showing so much of Croatia and kind of giving back to a country that is very underrated when it comes to actually everything. The result is more than brutally beautiful:
7-dress-marija-kulusic 10-dress-coded-edge-by-silvio-ivkic
And then I started to search through her portfolio and my reactions was like: dope, yes, yes, yaaaassss, hell yea, dope, dope, cool:

tumblr_mpzdu81HsO1szbl3go4_500 tumblr_mvt6j0XWvZ1szbl3go10_500 tumblr_n1lk3ic7Iy1szbl3go10_500 tumblr_n2ou8nYAjH1szbl3go10_500And I just picked out my favorite one’s from Suzana’s portfolio for this post, but actually there is a whole lot more to see. So make sure you visit Suzy Love on Facebook, her homepage  and contact her for bookings, because talent needs to be supported. Always!

Pictures via

Photography: Suzana Holtgrave – Hair and make up: Sanja Rivic – Styling: Suzana Holtgrave, Sky Bulatovic – Models: Marija Silov //Colors Zadar, Blandina //Seeds Models
Sorry for anyone I forgot!!!


Ciao ragazzi! Come stai?

As if Croatia wasn’t enough, I went to see Milan/Italy for a whole week (#JetsetLife). Milan is supposed to be one of the four fashion forces besides Paris, London and New York. The fashion was overall disappointing though or maybe I was just doing the wrong things at the wrong places. IDK. However I ended up living in Milan’s ghetto for a couple of days (not that I am not used to the ghetto life, but still I thought I could do better at least on vacas…). And instead of whinging (which I kind of did a lot and this is the right time to apologize to the concerned people: Sorry!) I put my Black Boy Place  Picasso Baby t-shirt on, which I thought was quite fitting for the situation.

BBP (Black Boy Place) is a French clothing brand founded in 2010, which attracted success, recognition and fame in Paris (France) and overseas through artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce or Les Twins. It draws on several clothing styles like rock style, hip hop, but also a little more classic styles to offer unique and ground-breaking designs that can be worn by everyone. The purpose of the brand is to connect both the urban and classy styles.

The t-shirt was not the problem, because it’s a cool piece of fashion, but I  literally walked my soles off. These shoes were not made for walking, especially not for at least 9 hours, which felt like 24 at the end of the day. And as dumb as I am I repeated this every day. Well, at least my Italian improved by asking for directions.

So stay tuned for la dolce vita all week long. No freaking escape!

Foto (4)
Foto (1)
Foto (2)


I have been taking all this weather shit and I couldn’t handle it no more: one hour of sunshine, five hours of rain. And repeat. So I had enough, packed my bag, bought a ticket and flew with a couple of friends to Pula/Croatia. And this was the best decision ever. Like ever!
We were alone on the beach, which was a secret little bay with water having 50 shades of blue. The sun kissed my body and left a little bit of lipstick if you know what I mean. The architecture of this city is beyond amazing, took me back to the Roman Empire with its own flair. And I was drunk as fuck. A great way to spend your weekend!
I swear if you have time and need vacation, then Croatia is the place to be. And I am saying this from an objective point of view.

Foto 4 Foto 2 Foto 3 (1) Foto 1 Foto 2 (1) Foto 5 Foto 1 (1) Foto 1 (2) Foto 2 (2) Foto 3