Chanel Kid Competition


Always wanted to be a Chanel Kid?
Well, here is your chance!  Since Chanel Salzburg is happening tomorrow, we thought it’s the perfect time for you to win 3 Chanel lipsticks.

All you have to do is following:
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And this right here is what you can win:
ChanelThe competition is ending on 7th Decemeber 2014. And the winner will be announced a couple of days later. And of course you must be 18+ years old.

So tell your friends, your mom,  your neighbors, basically everybody…
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The Shit I’m Wearing: Riding Dirty

They see me rolling, they hating, they trying to catch me riding dirty…

That’s exactly how I felt when I had the chance to test drive Jaano. Never heard of it? Well, that’s what I am here for.
Founded by the two friends Jaan Hofmann and Tino Hoffrichter, Jaano is offering scooter sharing to everybody living in Hamburg (and it will probably spread out to your city soon, so just watch out). It’s the perfect solution for traffic and transportation in urban areas, since you can rent the scooter for as much time as you need and just park wherever. No strings attached, because you pay for the time you use the Jaano scooter and wherever you find one of these you can hopp on and off anytime. The concept is simple and genius at the same time! You just have to register (and of course have a driver’s licence and stuff like that) and off you go.

And since I am a huge fan of it, I did put on my good outfit and got myself up on that  Vespa Primavera 50 4T 4V. Take a look (a little posing never hurt nobody)! VROOM VROOM!
Jaano Weekday weekday I don't give a fuck Jaano JaanoThe idea is dope as fuck and you will definitely gonna catch me riding on this in Hamburg, so make sure you like Jaano on Facebook!

And btw: wanna shop the look? Here you go:
1. Sweater: Weekday (it’s on sale)
2. Shirt: Asos
3. Jeans: Cheap Monday
4. Shoes: Superga
5. Socks: Bought them in Patrica Field‘s store in NYC and I couldn’t find them online...


I am so sad that I don’t know how to speak any Korean, because this fashion brand named RE.D is so dope! But I don’t understand what it’s saying on their Facebook page and the only thing I know is that this brand unveiled its SS15 collection during Seoul Fashion Week a couple of days ago. And maybe I just don’t need to know more, because fashion is a language, too, and in this case it can speak for itself. But if you need some words: Caution, it’s dope!
red_ss15_fy5 red_ss15_fy1 red_ss15_fy3 red_ss15_fy6 red_ss15_fy12 red_ss15_fy15 red_ss15_fy16 red_ss15_fy22Pictures via Fucking Young

Massive Attack

I literally found out about NO ATTACK, because Facebook recommended to like their page. It was when they had 100 likes. I got a change to meet the people behind the brand during a trade show in Berlin. It was when they had 1000 likes.
Now this post about the label is not even necessary anymore with over 4900 likes on Facebook. However I still need to talk about it…

NO ATTACK is a new European brand created from the scratch by a group of independent young designers from Poland. They look for their inspiration in past civilizations like that of Ancient Egypt with her mysterious symbols left on the desert. They are also impressed by those currents in present-day culture that make for the change in our common attitude towards life goals and values.  So basically the design is a mix between past, present and future. And with that attitude and looks No Attack is a massive attack to the fashion world. See their first collection right now, right here:

IMG_1526-Edit IMG_0996-Edit-2 IMG_1364-Edit IMG_1540-Edit IMG_0033-Edit IMG_0198-Edit IMG_0462-Edit IMG_0574-Edit IMG_0801-EditPictures via No Attack

The Bronze Medal

I have to admit that I am genuinely very interested to know what kind of people are reading this blog. And I don’t want to say that I stalk you guys, but I really wanna know what you do and where you from (well, this sounds very stalker-ish, non? But I don’t mean it that way!)… And every now and then I found some shit that you do so dope that it’s externalized on this page.

Best example: Berlin based clothing brand The Bronze Medal.
The Bronze Medal
The Bronze Medal does not follow any trend or fashion world rules or any season collection order, because The Bronze Medal is not a fashion brand.
The Bronze Medal is free from these matters, and is based on projects that can enable a series of pieces, for example, but none ends with seasons; perhaps materials may change in case same project goes on with summer and winter garments, for example. The essence of every project is always alive and in The Bronze Medal mind, because there is always the possibility of new ideas coming up, maybe in some days, maybe is some years.
Actually, ideas keep on coming out just following the instinct, so you might see a temporal order and probably make your own “sense” or “evolution” idea of all the works. By now, there are two clearly different lines: The Bronze Medal Apparel and The Mesh Label Collection.

Here are my favorite fashion pieces (and I would buy all of them, especially the white marble neoprene sweater and the white graphic mesh tunic and the t-shirt on the first pic above…why can’t I be rich? Life is unfair), but make sure you check out since there is a lot more.
40826-5fb5412695cb409bb6c77fc4bd117c3b 40826-8b50e29835374b06b9b6b53f815d5bab 40826-498cbed4011849c4b1352bebbde8b680 40826-840ee65ee0014a15a016cdcd2a15db2e 40826-33437a0161af486eb9a4e50020403c8c 40826-9842757b33d844c28ce5de6ebc92d153 40826-0ade80e430ae4051a03db54a14060391Pictures via The Bronze Medal 


700 x thank you!
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