Chanel Salzburg

Be the first one to see Chanel‘s Metiers d’Art fashion show in Salzburg:
chanel salzburg chanel salzburg chanel salzburg




I am so sad that I don’t know how to speak any Korean, because this fashion brand named RE.D is so dope! But I don’t understand what it’s saying on their Facebook page and the only thing I know is that this brand unveiled its SS15 collection during Seoul Fashion Week a couple of days ago. And maybe I just don’t need to know more, because fashion is a language, too, and in this case it can speak for itself. But if you need some words: Caution, it’s dope!
red_ss15_fy5 red_ss15_fy1 red_ss15_fy3 red_ss15_fy6 red_ss15_fy12 red_ss15_fy15 red_ss15_fy16 red_ss15_fy22Pictures via Fucking Young

The Darko

Spend my weekend in uni for a workshop and then I just got a cold like that and spend the rest in bed. Ebola is real, I swear (this is actually not even funny, so sorry for that). Let’s get back to this school thing. Like during class I like to sneak outside the classroom and just walk through the corridors of the uni (as I mentioned in several posts before), because I am bored as fuck an I just wanna see what’s going on.
And in the foyer there are pics on the walls from last season’s school fashion show and there was one designer that impressed me: Isabel Stasinski. Like I literally looked at it for more than 3 minutes, which in for my generation is a lot.

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Her SS14 menswear MA thesis  is exploring the depths of Richard Kelly’s cult movie Donnie Darko. And the results are trés dope. I swear I am going to spend more time outside of the classroom and we’ll see what I am going to explore:
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The Magic Mountain

Who doesn’t know the feeling when everything goes right in life?! When everything is just how you imagine it to be and beyond. And then sometimes the tide turns and everything is fucked up, but it also turns back again. And trust me when I say that it’s up to you to make it great! You are the creator. Fuck..I should start doing motivational speeches and make actual money instead of blogging. But that roller-coaster ride is captured in Ana Locking‘s SS15 collection “”The Magic Mountain”. And it’s captured really good:

ana locking

Inspired by Thomas Mann’s novel. “The Magic Mountain” takes us on a roller-coaster ride in which a sense of nostalgia for Old Europe goes hand in hand with American pop iconography. Mann’s novel is set in a centre for rest and recovery in the Swiss Alps, and it is in this sense that the emotional ups and downs of the patients at the sanatorium reflect the curves and ups and downs of the roller coaster, leading to the creation of my own Magic Mountain. In this sanctuary, time seems to unfold in a different way, creating a temporal realm that is different to the one we are accustomed to. In this parallel reality, the idea of rest and preservation contrasts entirely with that of the ceaseless and incessant movement of contemporary life.


Collapse and recovery. The collapse brought about by the extreme agitation of life today, and the need to escape from this moral recklessness in order to search for recovery on the personal magic mountain that each of us erects, creates the magic of our daily existence.


The themes of seduction and sophistication are highly prominent throughout the entire collection, as are the themes of serenity and equilibrium, making up the four pillars on which the collection rests. 008 And as far as colours are concerned, white dominates everything from beginning to end: white spots on white gauze, white embroidered needlepoint on white tulle, white lurex tassels on white neoprene… The modulating shades consist of sober and conservative black, together with visceral red, which are completed with sanatorium green and midnight blue.
Just perfect! 013 016Pictures via Ana Locking

Christian Siriano

I think it’s funny how you notice when a celebrity is coming to see a fashion show. Like the dark room suddenly is brightening up because of all the flashlights. And the only thing you hear is: click, click, click… That’s also what happened during Christian Siriano’s SS15 show when supermodel Cocoa Rocha entered the stage and took her seat. And she looked like a fucking star with her red glitter kind of suit and a dark lipstick (Naomi would say: Check your lipstick before you talk to me!). But it’s not about who’s sitting in the front row, it’s about the designs of the designer:
Following his studies in London under Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, Christian Siriano’s collections are known for whimsical and show-stopping design – from fantasy evening gowns and cocktail dresses, to tailored sportswear, to intricately detailed shoes and accessories. His designs have appeared in countless magazines and have been worn by the world’s leading ladies. And his SS15 collection is just complementing all of his other collections…

And after the show is the after party  which was only ok…Nothing special.
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It’s Sunday, I am sober again and actually able to blog. And I honestly don’t know where to start since so much is going on. But I guess I’ll just do a retrospective of this week. So what’s coming now might not be the latest news, but still….so the 4 up and coming brands Tigran Avetisyan, Hamm, ZDDZ London, and DTTK were presenting their collections during the VFILES MADE FASHION SS15 runway show.
And all of these brands have one thing in common: their fashion is mad jiggy. Some stuff is better than the other, but the level of greatness is the same.

IMG_0725 IMG_0741 IMG_0732And instead of looking at my shitty pictures, you should check this vid out and see the whole show: