Who Watches The Watchmen

As you know I have a cold, a little bit of fever and a whole lot of clogged nose and it feels like I have the worst infection ever. But I am just being a little pussy drinking tea all day and staying in bed. And I am happy for everything that makes me feel healthy (even if it’s just for a minute or two). And actually  and this is a true story when I saw 8CUFF‘s  eyecatching FW14 collection I was able to breathe without a clogged nose for about 5 minutes.

8CUFF is a menswear brand based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the label is targeting sport-lux street wear brand, inspired by social issues. Sue Suh of 8CUFF chose the graphic novel “Watchmen” to explore her collection. Watchmen is unique within the genre for portrayal of immoral antiheroes.  Sue believes that the good and the bad inevitably coexist in our lives ans so she interpreted her thoughts and views on this matter in the design of the graphic prints.

Suh creates uncompromising visuals from found images and her own paintings on the subject corruption. Structured symmetrical shapes from the spots-lux street wear collection with emphases on strong features including the usage of neoprene, leather, and techno-textiles, in jackets that utilize innovative construction techniques so that they hold their own exaggerated proportions around and above the body.
10418858_749350901793586_514509012087559586_n 10458235_749358118459531_4841738814496485930_n 10538504_749355151793161_3827066725308816636_n 10649509_749352731793403_2735669696736800284_n 10696196_749357448459598_3442271082352084942_nAll this neoprene and the digital print is so dope. I wish I could have it. Thank you for making me feel healthy. And I swear I can breathe again right now. This collection is working for me and has healing powers!!!

Pictures via 8CUFF