Marco Battaglini

These paintings by Marco Battaglini are perhaps the best example of classical meeting modern that I know of:

Battaglini invites us to think that in today’s global village, with the ‘democratization’ of culture, the evolution of knowledge, information immediacy, immersed in the heterogeneity, the Patchwork Culture forces us to confront with a need understanding beyond our geographical boundaries of time. Probably the uniqueness of the Italian artist Marco Battaglini is to conceptualize the possible coexistence of the ideals of classical beauty with the anti-aesthetic, the combination of the divine and refined with the vulgar, through a composition that can complement different realities in an eternal instant. His research of multidimensionality leads him to overlap different temporal, spatial and cultural realities, where everything seems to make sense… This is ultimately the Battaglini’s purpose: remove barriers that distort the perception of reality.
You can see more of the experly painted works below:
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Take Me To Another Place

Brace yourselves winter is coming…
Actually fuck that. Ain’t nobody got time for winter. Can somebody take me to a place where the sun is shining? And where I can wear all my Spring/Summer gear that is still in my closet and not even been worn once. Just a place where I could also wear the upcoming SS14 collection by Danish designer Rene Gurskov called OH MAN! as soon as it hits the stores.
The label itself reports about the collection:
This spring/summer collection is dedicated to the early days of hip hop. The period where graffiti became art and nightlife became wilder and wilder. Dance music was called high energy. The boys were out all night – breaking, painting, rolling and ……Fashion became bright and easy to wear! Today “street wear” is bigger than ever – even big old Parisian fashion houses are fighting to dress today’s rapper!
It’s funny how the dots come together, because lately I was thinking about who’s the type of guy or girl reading this blog? And what’s the purpose behind it? It’s not only about being you like i stated in the last blog post. It’s honestly  also about talking about that shit that is streetwear in high fashion as well as high fashion in streetwear. It is for brands like Rene Gurskov that are the perfect mixture and that need to be seen and talked about. This is the shit I like to talk about. If that does not make sense then just tell me to shut up 😛 Actually I am telling myself to shut up and here is the collection:
no 1 no 2 no 3 no 5 no 6 no 7 no 8SS14 is loud, colourful and diverse. Our aim is always to please the two side sides of the modern man: THE CUTE and THE COOL. On the cute side the very flashy printed sportswear-inspired items. Mega hoodies which can be carried as backpacks and the almost superhero-like tracksuits. For the cool the mega skirt like shorts covered in patches – with tartan maxi shirts. And you have to admit it’s beyond dope!
So make sure you shop the current FW and the upcoming SS14 collections on!

Pictures via Rene Gurskov 
Photo: Kasper Harup-Hansen Make-up: Martin Svaneklink Brandt; Model: Noah Syrkis; Artwork: Arnold Gevers 


Nobody knows who he is. 
Nobody has seen his face.
But at the moment his art is driving New Yorkers crazy.
I am talking about Banksy, a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter, who is taking over the world with his satirical street art and stenciled graffiti. His works can be seen on streets, walls, bridges, cars… it is basically everywhere. And all around the world.
Banksy’s work was made up of the Bristol and then London underground scene and suddendly the Banksy effect is taking over New York City: from the Lower East Side, East Village up to Bushwick and Williamsburg and back to the West Village. One piece of his art is worth a couple thousands of € and people are even trying to remove it from walls. Like WTF?
And the hype just begun.
On his homepage the artist is keeping us posted about his latest work. So peep some of his art right here:

QUEENS-high-privateA funny thing is that yesterday Banksy set up a stall in the park selling of Central Park 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases each for 60$. But you can actually thousandfold the worth of it. Like if you were smart enough you could have bought all of them and be fucking rich. All I see is $ing§, all I see is $$$- $in$ 🙂
STALL-TIGHT-private day9day-07-detail-full day8 day3 day2 day1The pictures are very urban. Like it’s the epitome of urban. And I love the effect of it.
Banksy has this quote on his homepage and it’s so true:
“All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside” -Paul Cézanne-

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And we gonna start this week with a little bit of Hip Hop music. Recently Hip Hop is conquering the high fashion world (KTZ, Hood by Air etc.) more than ever and the media is getting crazy about the Rick Owens SS13 fashion show in Paris. And you know there are four key stylistic elements of hip hop as culture: rapping, DJing, break dancing and graffiti writing. But I think there is a fifth one coming up or is actually been there for ever but never mentioned as key element: fashion.
But however I will come back to this in some post later. This post is actually about this guy who was named several times as up-and-coming rapper and somebody to watch out for in the industry:
The 20 year old Chancelor Bennett a.k.a Chance The Rapper is an American hip hop artist from Chicago/Illinois who began to gain attention with his two mixtapes 10 Day and his latest one Acid Rap.
And Acid Rap is a ridiculously good album! Like you don’t even understand how good it is. Because Chance The Rapper can go a lot of ways with the way he rhymes. He was raised on oldies, soul music and jazz and that’s exactly what you can hear on this one: melodic rap. Here is what Chance says about his music:
“There is a very fine line between the mainstream lovers and people that actually are searching for their own music.”
And I know why he put it this way, because it’s not this trash FloRida kind of shit (why am I putting FloRida in the same sentence with HipHop?) and it’s not the album that you would Hip Hop expect to be. 
And I like the fact that he is changing the standard of hip hop perception among established artists like A$AP and Kendrick with this sound, because I feel like he is part of a whole new hip hop generation, if that makes sense at all.
Chance+the+Rapper chance-the-rapper
If you feel like I am full of shit right now, then just check out this Acid Rap stream:

You better watch out for him, because he is going to be pushed into the mainstream chair really soon. And he has a pretty good chance to sit there for ever…