Soulland: Exotic Erotic

I seriously asked myself: why am I always late with shit? I need to set my priorities right for 2k15 and post things in time and on time. But then again fashion can never be old news…

So during LCM Soulland was presenting their AW15 collection “Exotic Erotic”.
Soulland was founded in 2002 and is owned by designer Silas Adler and CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner. Its design principles and aesthetics have their origins in Scandinavian artisanship combined with a contemporary feel. Whilst always remembering its legacy, Soulland aims to push menswear forward in new directions.
Presenting two seasonal collections alongside two pre-collections every year, Soulland has received much acknowledgement from international press outlets such as The New York Times, Euroman, GQ, ID Magazine, Bangkok Post, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and Selectism. Soulland designer Silas Adler was awarded Designer of the Year at DANSK Fashion Awards 2012. Open your eyes:
soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland



London Essentials

Every time I take the subway back home to my hood I just realize how much trash there is not only on the subway, but also on the platforms. Like I have seen everything from condoms to whatever food it was and empty bottles that are collected by some people just to get the refundable deposit back.

And Klaudija Visockyte series of photographs called London essentials is basically capturing all of this in an artful way. Originally interested in studying English Literature, London based artist Klaudija Visockyte says she switched majors after she found herself becoming more interested in recording things through artistic mediums of photography, writing and drawing.  Since this realization, she has been studying Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Central Saint Martins, Graphic Communication and Design pathway in London.

London essentials range brings you the complete selection of everyday lifestyle must haves that are thrown away in different parts of London.  The series of pictures is actually featuring fresh, locally sourced trash from free range Londoners. And the pictures are opening one’s eyes! Check out the pictures and stop throwing away your shit on random places…
tumblr_n61pquVJFO1rlus8wo1_1280 tumblr_n61pquVJFO1rlus8wo2_1280 tumblr_n61pquVJFO1rlus8wo4_1280 tumblr_n61pquVJFO1rlus8wo5_1280 tumblr_n61pquVJFO1rlus8wo8_1280Pictures via Klaudija Visockyte

Mr. Mazhar

Fashion week time is always crazy. You are bombarded with collections, models, colors, shapes and looks. It’s just information overload. And thank God there are online pages that can keep up with all of it. I must say that bloggers are really lucky, because they can just pick their favorite ones and write about them. But what kind of pisses me off is that it’s mostly the same brands the bloggers are mentioning in their posts.
Why y’all the same? But that’s probably the same shit everybody else is thinking about me, no?
However: I am not done yet talking about London Collections: Men not to mention Milano and then Berlin coming up. So back to London: Nasir Mazhar stays true to the urban amour which continues in his FW14 collection with his casual menswear. I just adore how he integrates the brands name into his fashion pieces without looking like a huge commercial. It still has the fashion esprit. This time especially the shiny dark green palette caught my eye. But the breaking point is: If I can see myself wearing the collection, that’s actually all that matters. Take a look at the brutally beautiful collection and study the shapes and composition and make up your own opinion. All I can say for my part is that I can definitely see myself rocking all of it! Good stuff!
nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy2 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy5 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy19 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy7 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy6 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy17
Like I said it’s just overwhelming in a positive way!

The Shit I’m Wearing: Camouflage

Just me, my old school Boy London sweater and some ASOS camouflage. Actually…
Fotothere is a little story about this sweater  that happened in New York with Marc Jacobs* back in 2012, but nobody is going to believe me anyways, so I am not going to tell it. Peace out!
*(He came up to me in the Meatpacking District and said: “I like your outfit!”)

Friday’s Shit: Central Park

And it’s Friday again!
So it’s time for some Friday’s Shit! The green color and the New York bracelet reminded me of Central Park. And that’s why this outfit is called that way.
newyorkgreen1. Shirt: Weekday
2. Jeans: Weekday
3. Boots: Dr. Martens at ASOS
4. Sweater: River Island
5. Sunglasses: Spitfire
6. Bracelet: GoodWood NYC
7. Beanie: Bik Bok

Holla at the Dollar

So today in class a friend of mine asked me: “So what’s the new fashion trend?” And I was just like: “I honestly don’t know.” The person just looked at me like WTF?! and said: “But you are into fashion, aren’t you? So how comes you don’t know?!”
Maybe I just don’t know, because I don’t give a fuck about trends. Like who makes trends? Who cares? Just wear the shit you feel like wearing. In the end of the day you make the trend for yourself: there are certain things you like and certain things you don’t like.

And here is one thing I like a lot. I don’t have it in my pockets, but I do have it on my sweater:
Benjamin’s, Franklin’s and Washington’s. I am talking about $$$ MONEY $$$.
So maybe the Dollar  on several clothing pieces is the new trend? Check out some of them:
1. Revolution Richie

2. GG$


3. Isolated Heroes

ec84a37b-fc7a-46c5-8ec6-6c6f2b684f44_large 43e6b8b1-250e-4f6e-9baf-162023f5412f_large4. Urban Outfitters
5560417750000_Assort_ca15. Sugarpills Clothing
478-dollar-swet6. Honey B Ring
BENJIRINGZOOM3Imagine if I had all the money, I’d be a rich motherfucker for real!