Soulland: Exotic Erotic

I seriously asked myself: why am I always late with shit? I need to set my priorities right for 2k15 and post things in time and on time. But then again fashion can never be old news…

So during LCM Soulland was presenting their AW15 collection “Exotic Erotic”.
Soulland was founded in 2002 and is owned by designer Silas Adler and CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner. Its design principles and aesthetics have their origins in Scandinavian artisanship combined with a contemporary feel. Whilst always remembering its legacy, Soulland aims to push menswear forward in new directions.
Presenting two seasonal collections alongside two pre-collections every year, Soulland has received much acknowledgement from international press outlets such as The New York Times, Euroman, GQ, ID Magazine, Bangkok Post, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and Selectism. Soulland designer Silas Adler was awarded Designer of the Year at DANSK Fashion Awards 2012. Open your eyes:
soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland soulland



Hentsch Man AW15

LCM Day 2. And the AW15 collections keep on coming and coming.

Hentsch Man was launched in 2008 by childhood friends, Alexia Hentsch and Max von Hurter, with the sole mission of creating the perfect white shirt. The brand has come a long way since then, now presenting seasonal collections of a diverse range of wardrobe essentials and casually tailored garments. But despite this growth, the original values of simplicity, good tailoring, good quality and good pricing remain the core pillars of the brand.Over the seasons, Hentsch Man has developed the use of print and graphics as a central feature to the collections, pushing the brand in a more quirky and tongue-in-cheek direction.

Peep the AW15 collection here:
hentsch man hentsch man hentsch man hentsch man

Universal Works AW14

Universal Works.
And so does this collection work for me.
For AW15 Universal Works celebrates “the pass”, the idea of passing  something on. Something new coming out of the past, from humble beginnings that in the process of being passed on becomes more social and gains a deeper value. Something that can go from old to young, reinventing and reinvigorating. Universal Works have moved towards a cleaner, less designed look with shapes being mixed of 80’s street and smart. And the location is another living room inspiration:
universal works universal works universal works universal works

Alex Mullins AW14

Another year, another fashion week. And what’s a better way to start this year off than with London Collections: Men? Exactly! And to be more precise: with Alex Mullins (one of my all time favorites). This British menswear designer was covered by us several times and I am so happy I had the chance to see his AW15 collection  this afternoon .

Alex Mullins was educated at Central Saint Martins, where he was runner up in the L’Oreal Professional Young Designer of the Year Award. He then went on to complete the MA (Menswear) at the Royal College of Art.While at the RCA he was awarded a full scholarship with Kopenhagen Fur, and was nominated for the Dazed and Confused/Casio G-Shock ‘Spirit of Toughness’ award. After working for Alexander McQueen, Diane von Furstenberg, Jeremy Scott, Kanye West and Dirk Bikkembergs, Mullins set up his brand in spring 2013.

For his collection the designer is taking us back to the 70s, bringing some elements of that century just to put it right back into 2k15 again. This collection just makes me wanna skip winter, spring and summer! And I swear I wish this location was my living room:
alex mullins alex mullins alex mullins alex mullins alex mullins alex mullins

The Terrific Three

1 room…
3 designers (the terrific three as I like to call them)…
and therefore a whole lot of fashion was going on Monday during London Collections: Men. A whole lot of jaw-dropping fashion to be precise. And that’s why I fucking adore the fashion scene of London. I swear I live in the wrong town, but that’s a whole nother story and I am not going to open this topic now. So back to the terrific three:

Chelsea Bravo has been my shit for a couple of seasons now (actually since last season, but once you’re my shit, you keep on being my shit, there is no escape):
Foto 2 Foto 4

The vision for the Chelsea Bravo brand is to explore creative freedom and to continually push contemporary menswear design through construction, shape and silhouette. With a spirit of curiosity and a desire to explore and discover Chelsea Bravo challenges the conventions of menswear in her SS15 collection, like she always does. And that collection is so good that I am going to start crying if I won’t be able to get it (like the yellow/white t-shirt and the blue/white striped vest).

And as if Chelsea Bravo wasn’t enough, stuff got better and better with Clara Martin:
Clara Martin is a London based Menswear designer. With her collections being heavily based on concept, Clara finds the method of experimentation a large focal point when designing. Fusing tailoring with inventive shape, knit with pattern and print with texture, Clara is often pushing boundaries set within menswear as a test for interesting results. For her SS15 she is experimenting with a lot of 2D and 3D shapes. #TeamC

Foto 3

And last but not least of the terrific three trio is Beau Homme.
Beau Homme is created by George Bunker and Justin Mansfield back in October 2011 with the focus on everyday menswear clothes that delicately challenge prevailing conventions. The expected is transformed into a signature aesthetic, seamlines are shifted, interiors of garments are folded over and outwards to mirror aerodynamic forms; novel and unexpected details abound. You can just imagine how this brand made me feel… Almost ripped off the clothes of the models and walked away. Far away. Far far away. 

Foto 5
I cannot wait for spring 2015! Def gonna make my way to one or two of the shown pieces (actually it’s gonna end up with a drawing credit, I swear!). Felt good to escape to the fashion world, but now it’s time for a couple of exams to write before I head to Berlin Fashion Week…

SS15 Clique

Ain’t nobody fucking with this Baartmans and Siegel clique, clique, clique…

Baartmans and Siegel is a dynamic, luxury menswear label, that believes in creating interactive, innovative garments, and is currently shaping the landscape of contemporary menswear. The Dutch/English, London based, design duo met while at Viktor & Rolf, and were united in their belief of beautiful craftsmanship and imaginative design.
The pair’s work is fast becoming recognisable by their use of interactive texture and sharp tailoring. Self described as modern-traditionalists, Wouter Baartmans and Amber Siegel’s work focuses on beautiful fabrics that seduce, and shapes that are accessible yet distinctive.

Peep their SS15 collection during LCM: