FKA Twigs

And there she was dressed in all black everything, with this superstar aura and this clear angle-like voice: FKA twigs!
hhThe whole show was on point: her singing, her dancing, her talking… And I don’t know if you know that but streets are talking that she became known as twigs for the way her joints crack during warming up for dance classes. She added the initialism FKA (Formerly Known As) to her name when another artist called twigs complained about her use of the name. So where is the other artist now? Just asking…
However I was really impressed by the show. It was so different from everybody elses and I could swear it’s not only because the music is on a whole nother level of creativity. And I am  sorry for the German crowd being stiff as usual. It is such a difference if you got to a concert in the USA and Germany. Like huge difference!
1901905_717074935049384_6125151052380449291_n Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetShe is a walking piece of art. And I can’t wait for more to come!

From West To East

Here is what I learned this weekend: follow your own fucking instinct. You will call me crazy and maybe even stupid for not being the typical blogger that is talking about superficial shit like everybody else does. But one day you will realize that I was fucking right about everything I said. So follow your instinct because your unconscious self always wants the best for you.
So talking about this I had a conversation with a friends friend (who is clearly narrow minded) and said: “I don’t want to be rude, but do you write about female fashion?” And I clearly said: “Yea! I write about what I like”. And he was kinda upset and asked: “Sorry, but why do you write about female fashion? You are a guy!” I just didn’t answer, but was thinking: if I as someone who clearly has a penis writes about female fashion, then that’s the biggest compliment I can give a designer. Because I find it so dope I wish it would be available as a male fashion version. Like why is that so hard to understand? And my instinct and my gusto is making me write about the shit I want to write.  And Imma stop whining and talk about this and yes, it’s a female fashion collection: 

RICK LEE is a cutting-edge fashion designer who conveys artisanal high fashion in Italy. The Korean designer who is based in Milan initially began his career as a textile designer and product designer. After graduating from Master of Fashion Design at Domus Academy in Milan, worked for several Italian and international brands as a design consultant. He launched  his first collection in Switzerland  and Italy. And he again did a great job with his  SS15 collection named “From West To Eeast”. Take a look or two or three:

rick lee 10675694_663907120383360_5071338143069715264_n 10542895_663908233716582_7091498822837021906_n 10612957_663907020383370_7807025915837504658_n 10639520_663908310383241_4376528813161987701_n
Pictures via Rick Lee
Photographer: Tae-Yup Buechner – Make-up and hair: Silvana Guarnaschelli / Zalina Walchli – Model: Silva Rozenberga / Julia Dové


The most unexpected things in life happen on a regular Saturday morning. Life is short and I just realized once more that you really have to concentrate on the beautiful things in life. Shit sounds cheesy, but collect moments not things. Go out, drink, have sex and chill. Be positive!

Enough of that preaching, but a collection that is representing all of that optimism is definitely Davidelfin‘s SS15 called “El tiempo de los monstruos”. The name might be irritating at first, but that specific shade of blue the Madrid-based designer is using, combined with a super minimalistic cut, very clean line and sharp silhouettes is just everything and not only because I am having a Blue (Blogging) Period like Picasso this week (…stay tuned.)
This collection is just giving me positive vibes:

davidelfin 10632882_820744627958104_4507957724056977254_n 10641097_820744561291444_6895076215890155322_n 10653524_820744401291460_2175549326121164221_n 10710744_820744691291431_6157066683677312219_n davidelfin 10394820_820744404624793_9033199739294022077_n 10483159_820744524624781_2585826671963572759_nPictures via Davidelfin

It Was All A Dream

So my NYC trip seems like it was all a dream. Everything went by so fast and I had the time of my life. So everything that is left over is this and a couple of memories:

And I truly believe in signs in life. And you can call me crazy, but as soon as the plane started, I turned on my Iphone to listen to some music and Beyonce’s Mine came on and the first thing she was singing is:

I’ve been watching for the signs

Took a trip to clear my mind
Now I’m even more lost
And you’re still so fine, oh my, oh my

And my Iphone was on pause or I pressed pause unconsciously. I don’t fucking know what this is supposed to mean. But I guess I’ll figure out soon…Foto (1)