Got my shit together and that’s why we can start talking about MBFWB:
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The Magic Mountain

Who doesn’t know the feeling when everything goes right in life?! When everything is just how you imagine it to be and beyond. And then sometimes the tide turns and everything is fucked up, but it also turns back again. And trust me when I say that it’s up to you to make it great! You are the creator. Fuck..I should start doing motivational speeches and make actual money instead of blogging. But that roller-coaster ride is captured in Ana Locking‘s SS15 collection “”The Magic Mountain”. And it’s captured really good:

ana locking

Inspired by Thomas Mann’s novel. “The Magic Mountain” takes us on a roller-coaster ride in which a sense of nostalgia for Old Europe goes hand in hand with American pop iconography. Mann’s novel is set in a centre for rest and recovery in the Swiss Alps, and it is in this sense that the emotional ups and downs of the patients at the sanatorium reflect the curves and ups and downs of the roller coaster, leading to the creation of my own Magic Mountain. In this sanctuary, time seems to unfold in a different way, creating a temporal realm that is different to the one we are accustomed to. In this parallel reality, the idea of rest and preservation contrasts entirely with that of the ceaseless and incessant movement of contemporary life.


Collapse and recovery. The collapse brought about by the extreme agitation of life today, and the need to escape from this moral recklessness in order to search for recovery on the personal magic mountain that each of us erects, creates the magic of our daily existence.


The themes of seduction and sophistication are highly prominent throughout the entire collection, as are the themes of serenity and equilibrium, making up the four pillars on which the collection rests. 008 And as far as colours are concerned, white dominates everything from beginning to end: white spots on white gauze, white embroidered needlepoint on white tulle, white lurex tassels on white neoprene… The modulating shades consist of sober and conservative black, together with visceral red, which are completed with sanatorium green and midnight blue.
Just perfect! 013 016Pictures via Ana Locking

Narcos y Sirenas

While I feel like my life stopped somewhere between uni and doing nothing, the fashion world continues to produce and create and create and produce.

So that Victor von Schwarz presented his Primavera/Verano 2015 (SS15) collection named ” Narcos y Sirenas” (mermaids and Mexican drug dealers) during Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid. And I get chills when I say primavera y verano. I should def get my Spanish together. I had it in school for like 3 years, but forgot todos los vocabularios… no me gusta. But the collection is what me gusta mucho:

victor von schwarz

Victor von Schwarz states about SS15:
“Narcos y sirenas is about a mexican drug dealers shipwreck because the mermaids songs. Mermaids are cold and beauty unlived beings who live in the cliffs close to the aloners islands in the big oceans.”

10313708_975694455781408_7045913957379586198_n 10435521_975694159114771_1732399765707759590_n

“That ones are represented by materials like silks and lurex mixed fabrics witch represent the cold beauty. The line is slimfit and the colors are clear blue and pink. The mexican drug dealers are represented by dirty, tanned and tattoed boys and girls. Oversized, waisted and brooked clothes in black and grey. A line so much more young and more “streetstyle”.” 10482189_975694362448084_6096149903834274075_n 10527915_975694055781448_6658103132558436484_n“The models are characterized by the make up and hair; the mermaids will be in a clear skin color make up, without eyebrowns and wet hair. And mexicans will be so much more dark and the hair will looks dirty. That ones also will wear some fake tattoo with sailor issues Both lines would be in a similar pattern design and cutting. Also the details will be similar: soft tie-dye, frayed ending and waisted jeans.”

10660188_975693899114797_162944786964168542_n 10711045_975694252448095_6212714673717333167_n 1606898_975694285781425_1293041619248227657_n 1619496_975694202448100_7771052926994748640_nPictures via Victor von Schwarz


So last night I went to I Love Ponys Magazine x Mercedes Me midsummer party and ended up doing photos in a photobooth, where not only my face looks the same in every pic (which I consider to be a talent), but it was quite fun to be there since the music was dope. But there were not a lot of people, but hey there is still potential. So I went to another party which was so fucked up and I decided that I am done with the party scene in Hamburg. Like done! I know I am saying that everytime, but I guess this time I really mean it…I guess….

Dope As F**k

This right here happened during Berlin Fashion Week, too: Franziska Michael showed her spring summer 2015 collection and is in retrospective one of my favorites. And this collection is everything Berlin needed. And I am also going to tell you why in a second.

Franziska Michael’s designs are characterised by contrast. Structure and fluidity, colour and monochrome, natural fibres and high-tec synthetics are all employed to create men’s and women’s wear that defies expectations. Having studied Fashion Design at Esmod International University of Art for Fashion, Berlin, Franziska Micheal set up her self-named label in 2009. For her SS15 Franziska is bringing a colourful, very 90s clubkid mixed with HipHop collection. 

And I have to admit I read a couple of articles before I wrote this, saying that her style is not very typically Berlin and at the same time I am wondering if this person (the author of the article I have read) has ever been on the streets of Berlin. Probably not. Like I am not even from this metropolis, but I do know  that Franzsika Michael’s fashion is representing a part of Berlin’s fashion scence (even if it’s only a small one, but still it is typically Berlin). And I bet I just mentioned Berlin three times per sentence right now, but you know what I am trying to say. Just stop putting the fashion of a city in categories just because it’s not mainstream. However I honestly thing that this collection would have gotten more attention if it was shown during London Fashion Week…(and I even feel bad for saying this, because I want her to show her stuff in Berlin).

As I said this is one of the best collections of BFW SS15 and you better take a  look at it:
Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy7 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy1 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy3 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy5 Franziska-Michael-ss15_fy6Pictures via Fucking Young

Fashion Over Sleep

I remember last Fashion Week season I was so excited for IVANMAN, which was actually opening the FW14 season (maybe I am wrong, but I think I am right). But I just fucked up and didn’t go, because I was fucked up from the party the night before. Like I literally went to bed at like 8 am and the show was at 10 am. I chose sleep over fashion. But this time I did the right thing and chose fashion over sleep.

Stylism and Modelism were the formative influences of IVANMAN and still are for his SS15 collection. The creations of the Berlin-based designer Ivan Mandzukic with Serbian (all that Balkan connection I swear) roots are drawn from a geometric purism, which is reflected in its clean lines and minimalist silhouettes. Graphic details, such as origami folding techniques and cubist forms meet expressive colors such as ruby red, cobalt blue, ocher, or pure white. His designs always seem like classically contemporary fashion artworks.

And all I can say is uh la la la, some of these SS15 pieces belong into my wardrobe :
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