Last One From Italy

Does whatever Bergamo does!

Bergamo is a little city and commune, which is about 40 km northeast of Milan. This place is beyond beautiful! The town has two centers, which is the upper city called “Città alta”, a hilltop medieval town, which is the historic center, surrounded by 17th-century cyclopic Venetian defensive walls and the other center is the lower city.  The upper city is not only where I spend my time in Bergamo, but it’s mainly where the pictures below were taken ( and again it is not about style or fashion, because I don’t even look special, it’s about the mood).

And everything was cool when we arrived. We took the bus to the upper city, had great food and the best dessert I have eaten in my entire life. THE BEST! I mean it. And then actually everything went wrong with the moment we found out that there is no bus driving to the lower city anymore. Fuck our lives!
So we literally ran down the whole freaking path. Not that we were too broke to take a cab, but there was no cab around. Plus (as if  this was not enough) we were so close to miss the last train back to Milan. And that’s where the panic started. We were on the run! Like Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run is a joke compared to what we did.
1 hour and 15 minutes. 30° Celsius. Feet that hurt from walking the days before. But we made it. And what happened on the train deserves a own little post…
However, enjoy Bergamo:

IMG_0892 IMG_0769 IMG_0803 IMG_0809 IMG_0855 IMG_0898 IMG_0901


Educate yourself.

The Shit I’m …

I am so busy with life right now that I don’t even have time to write a full post. And with life I mean uni and football (WorldCup). Well, actually it’s World Cup only.
So all I can say about this post is: it’s not about fashion, it’s about moments, except that I am bringing Ashish’s SS14 carrier bags to the street (being ironic right now). The pictures below were made in Navigli, a beautiful  area were you can find a system of navigable and interconnected canals around Milan. And it’s the place where you can get the best gelato and crêpes ever. This is the place where I learned to order ice cream in Italian, so if you need help with the language just hit me up.
IMG_0340 (2) IMG_0350 IMG_0357 IMG_0393 IMG_0505 IMG_0418 IMG_0510

Daily Dose Of Art

And here comes my daily dose of art.
I remember that after all the shopping and sightseeing that was done in Milan I need a little bit of education. And it was nowhere else but on the Duomo di Milano (Milan cathedral) where I saw this huge billboard of Gustav Klimt’s painting saying that there is an exhibition  called Klimt – Alle Origini di un Mito ( The origins of a legend) at the Palazzo Reale Milano, which is actually next to the Duomo.  This was the moment where I ran down the stairs of the Duomo, which was kind of claustrophobic and I had a couple of small panic attacks, but I survived.

However, I payed my ticket, got in to exhibition and was surrounded with Klimt’s best known masterpieces from Adam and Eve (1917) to Judith II (1909) and The Sunflower (1907). Just a side note: Gustav Klimt is an Austrian symbolist painter, who’s primary subject was the female body and his pictures all seem kind of erotic.
And you should know me by know and this should not surprise you: I tried to take pictures. I just wish these pictures would show how the paintings really look like, because the quality is shit and it looks brutally beautiful when you stand in front of them. But hey I tried and this is just a sneak peak, you really have to go and see the exhibition :

10384145_812932185384830_6749690826594412725_n Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 5

The Shit I’m Wearing: Tothem

I went through the Italy pictures I had and I realized that I still haven’t even posted half of them. So there is still a bunch of Italy coming your way.

At the end of my trip I was in Biella, a beautiful little town about 80k m away from Milan, where every corner looked like a potential film set. I was just waiting for the cameras and actors to pop out of nowhere, which kind of not happened, but you know if Hollywood is calling the mayor it is probably because of this post right here ( just kidding).
However, we were just about to go to dinner when we saw this orange digger unattended in one of the alleys. Not only that orange is the new black, but my wish to become Bob the Builder one day has come true. I just jumped right on it and was ready for the pictures to be taken. And there are some pictures that are not meant for the public (because I just look stupid) but are hilarious as fuck.

So these bunch of tourist shoots turned into a whole shooting and since I am wearing one of my favorite brands, I thought I could make a The Shit I’m Wearing post out of it.
So I wear a Tothem t-shirt, which is one of these brands I just want to own. Like wearing is not enough I literally want to own the whole company. That’s how fucking dope it is. So even if you are on the trip and you probably have worn everything in your suitcase at least once, the Tothem shirt is the perfect item to pimp up every simple outfit.

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned…because I am not even close with being done with my Italian story…
IMG_10hg10 IMG_1013gugu IMG_1179 IMG_0962 IMG_0959