Sadak FW15

MBFWB is run by the Balkan connection. And I absolutely like it. Plus SADAK had by far (by faaaaaar) the best runway collection for FW15 (in Berlin). And it could have not been more Ghetto Chanel:
sadakSadak’s designer Sasa Kovacevic is a Serbian-born fashion and stage/costume designer. He graduated in Fashion Design from Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin,Germany; he also studied Stage and Costume Design at the Academy of Art, Belgrade. In addition to designing for his own Fashion Label- SADAK, Sasa has also designed costumes and set design for several dance projects. And this shit better land in my wardrobe.
sadak sadak The clothing is innovative and unique, while still incorporating distinctive elements from a variety of preceding periods and ethnic cultures.The various inspirations for the collections are essentially what makes them so superior in character. It’s not only the collection as a whole that comes with a motive, it’s the individual works themselves.
sadak sadak sadak

Always at the core of his universe (and as essential as the clothes themselves) are attitudes, moods and statements about individuality and independence. Equally important in SADAK’ s approach is the constant quest for innovation. The key elements stay the same: modern proportions, a constant research for fabrics and textures and above all the interplay of pure construction and new shapes with the body and psyche of the contemporary fashion and art.
sadak sadakSo a major HVALA for putting the right light on MBFWB!


Wood Morning!

Getting up early in the morning is like the worst thing ever, especially when you are still tired as fuck. But today I woke up at like 6 am without any alarm utilized. I was literally laying in bed thinking “What the heck is wrong with you?” and the sun wasn’t even up yet. So I kinda got ready for uni, had breakfast while the sun was coming up and I realized how beautiful all these morning colors are. Just like Mai Gidah did for his new collection.

With nature also art is united in Mai Gidah‘s SS15 collection named “Morning Dew”,  where designer Ali (Alec) Abdulrahim was inspired by the abstract geometric shapes of Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich’s paintings and created pieces that are an expression of art and nothing but art. With a color palette reminiscing to morning dew, fabrics like silk and PVC  and strong silhouettes, the collection turned out to be elegant and still kinda sexy (is it appropriate to call a menswear collection sexy?) This being said:

Wood morning!
Mai-Gidah ss15 10414643_815085808526209_3646991271257223185_n 10417816_815085365192920_2888818522732518109_n 10580249_815084908526299_6954421614873489329_n 10612942_815085501859573_7315481442372273729_n 10615625_815085255192931_2321445558871585783_n 10646931_815085185192938_5830516183134330238_n 10665792_815084815192975_3300802686173060198_nPictures via Mai-Gidah
Photography: Nicholas Lapite – Styling: Thomas Sels – Grooming: Poppy France – Models: Pace @ AMCK, Beau & Yarik @ MilkManagement


It’s Sunday, I am sober again and actually able to blog. And I honestly don’t know where to start since so much is going on. But I guess I’ll just do a retrospective of this week. So what’s coming now might not be the latest news, but still….so the 4 up and coming brands Tigran Avetisyan, Hamm, ZDDZ London, and DTTK were presenting their collections during the VFILES MADE FASHION SS15 runway show.
And all of these brands have one thing in common: their fashion is mad jiggy. Some stuff is better than the other, but the level of greatness is the same.

IMG_0725 IMG_0741 IMG_0732And instead of looking at my shitty pictures, you should check this vid out and see the whole show:


Oh my god Becky  look at that lookbook…
I like nice lookbooks and I can not lie, you other brothers can’t deny. That when a lookbook shows up with so much taste and drops dope things in your face…I get sprung. Ok enough of that, but Danish label Rascals’ SS15 collection makes me so…

The new collection has a youthful and urban casual vibe, following the label’s ongoing inspiration drawn from the 90’s athletic wear and their rootedness in the streets where they live their lives. The lookbook for their new SS15 collections features Frederik Josef strutting the streets of Copenhagen/Denmark, where the photographer Thomas Skou  brought the collection to life. The SS15 is an interplay between the seasonal versatile street wear and Rascals’ rootedness in their neighborhood. No matter how the fashion looks like, if the lookbook is making me feel like home, then you know you just won. The pictures just look like a hot summer day in the hood and make me wanna do the ice bucket challenge without me even being nominated:

rascal ss14 130_00040034finalthomasskou 130_00050021finalthomasskou 130_00070032finalthomasskou 130_00090008finalthomasskou 130_screen-shot-2014-07-17-at-140635 130_screen-shot-2014-07-17-at-141125Pictures via

Van Gogh and Vermeer

And then you have all that Van Gogh and Vermeer all over the fashion pieces. And heaven just came to earth.

Eric Franzel, the designer of Franzel Amsterdam dropped his SS15 collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam a couple of days ago. And this collection is so Ghetto-Chanel (in case you don’t know that’s my new term to describe a unique combination of street couture and haute fashion) and that’s what Franzel Amsterdam is representing: a clean mix between menswear and sportswear with a touch of street. It’s fashion for a man who takes life head on and is not afraid to fall and pick him self up in the process.

And beyond the fashion aspect this collection is representing myself so hardcore. Because…like…not only do I wish people in my hood would walk around like this. Like I don’t even know how to explain it. And you know what’s funny?! The streets in my hood are named after famous painters like Kandinsky or Edvard Munch and probably 90% of the people here can’t associate any painting to the name. Like basically that art and street aspect is what is catching me, if that makes any sense. However…this Franzel Amsterdam fashion is just so smart.

And I think I am just going to go to Amsterdam during next Fashion Week. For real, for real, for real. So count me in, Eric!
Franzel Amsterdam Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy4 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy5 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy6 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy7 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy3Pictures via Fucking Young

Chanel Shopping Center

It’s Tuesday.
11.14 pm.
And a friend of mine is sending me the first live Chanel A/W 14 runway show pictures on WhatsApp. I did understand that this brand turned the freaking room into a big ass supermarket with Chanel food and beverage products all over the place. Like the water Eau de Chanel N°0, the Coco Choco or the Chanel door mat. But the dimension of it all just hit me today. It turns out not only to be a supermarket, but a freaking superstore! Like are you fucking serious? This is genius!!! Although it’s funny that Karl doesn’t even remember the last time he was in a supermarket.

I find the clothes being dope, which I expected it to be. Like let’s be honest: anything else would just be disappointing. And who would have thought that Kim Kardashian’s sister Kendall is taking over Paris Fashion Week!?But what really stroke me are the accessories, which are designed to be smart as fuck and perfectly played out. Time to shop some groceries…

chanel aw14 tumblr_n1y5hhICBQ1qj3w3ao9_500 tumblr_n1y5hhICBQ1qj3w3ao10_500 tumblr_n1y5hhICBQ1qj3w3ao1_500 tumblr_n1y5hhICBQ1qj3w3ao4_500Pictures via