Tomorrow is the End of the World

Sooooooooo exams are over and I am free for a couple of weeks now. But still have no time to breathe. Like why is there still so much to do? At least I am making time to write some posts at night. Like this one: I saw the lookbook at like 2am last night and was so excited to share that I had a hard time to fall asleep.

This post ended up being about fashion that is kind of simple and at the same time complex and loud and intense. Just the way I like it. With her series of silver metallic, white embossed neoprene  and a text saying “You do not exist”, the collection “Tomorrow is the End of the World” of Taiwan-born Bei Kuo is out-there and ready to be worn.  The designer  grew up in a small city in Taiwan, moved to Taipei to got her BA degree in fashion. After studying and working in Taipei for six years, Bei moved to New York and just graduated from Parsons with a MFA degree and her thesis collection. And lately all these thesis collections are so damn good! Like I expect some talent from fashion designers, but I don’t expect it to be so good. Seems like they are even better than the actual runway collections we see during fashion week. Just saying! Peep the lookbook and be mesmerized by Bei Kuo:


bei kuo tumblr_n8qhp7Cu481qlw9joo1_1280 tumblr_n8qhpukfHW1qlw9joo1_r1_1280 tumblr_n8qhzoYcaF1qlw9joo1_1280 tumblr_n8qi0i498o1qlw9joo1_r1_1280 tumblr_n8qi1jwc2B1qlw9joo1_1280Pictures via



To me there is nothing sexier than a women who is confident, feminine, has her own kind of elegance and is not afraid of attention. And that’s exactly the type of woman that the designers Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović of the label TWINS by Begović & Štimac  create fashion for.

Damir Begović and Domagoj Štimac met in hight school,  studied textile, design and applied arts  together and after they graduated the design duo established the label TWINS by Begović & Štimac. Soon after there first collection for spring/summer 2012/2013  was shown, the label was winning the ELLE style award for Best Young Fashion Designers in Croatia. And here is the thing: I like to see Croatian people succeed. I just do.

And especially when I realized that the two designers and I have a couple of things in common: not only are we into fashion, but we come from the same region in Croatia.  And that means that there is a high possibility to be related (nah,  just kidding!). But the region is playing a huge part for the inspiration of the new TWINS campaign, because it is kind of showing the preparation for the confirmation ceremony. Since Croatia is a very religious and a tradition oriented country this campaign feels like home to me. And the mixture between feeling at home and doing it in an artsy way is making it really special.

I don’t know, but this just makes me proud.

Twins (7) Twins (4) Twins (8) Twins (11) Twins (12)

Twins (5)Pictures via Twins by Begovic & Stimac
PHOTO: Jakov Baričić – MUA: Iva Mandić – MODELS: Ana Begović, Marija Kovač i Karmela Lenić

Daily Dose Of Art

And here comes my daily dose of art.
I remember that after all the shopping and sightseeing that was done in Milan I need a little bit of education. And it was nowhere else but on the Duomo di Milano (Milan cathedral) where I saw this huge billboard of Gustav Klimt’s painting saying that there is an exhibition  called Klimt – Alle Origini di un Mito ( The origins of a legend) at the Palazzo Reale Milano, which is actually next to the Duomo.  This was the moment where I ran down the stairs of the Duomo, which was kind of claustrophobic and I had a couple of small panic attacks, but I survived.

However, I payed my ticket, got in to exhibition and was surrounded with Klimt’s best known masterpieces from Adam and Eve (1917) to Judith II (1909) and The Sunflower (1907). Just a side note: Gustav Klimt is an Austrian symbolist painter, who’s primary subject was the female body and his pictures all seem kind of erotic.
And you should know me by know and this should not surprise you: I tried to take pictures. I just wish these pictures would show how the paintings really look like, because the quality is shit and it looks brutally beautiful when you stand in front of them. But hey I tried and this is just a sneak peak, you really have to go and see the exhibition :

10384145_812932185384830_6749690826594412725_n Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 5

Vogue Nippon Flashback

Haaaaaaaaa, I never ever in my entire life thought this would ever happen, but uni inspired me to this post. For a presentation with the topic How does culture influence luxury consumption? An East Asian Approach in intercultural management (we just call the course “English” for whatever reason) I came across this beautiful VOGUE Japan editorial from October 2008 with Carmen Kass and photographed by Yelena Yemchuk. These pictures just were the perfect pictures to put a luxurious, artsy and high fashion touch to the presentation and  just were the right thing in the context of Western and  traditional Japan culture. But enough of me trying to sound intelligent!

I am still like: Haaaaaaaaa!
vogue-nippon-october-2008-4 vogue-nippon-october-2008-1 vogue-nippon-october-2008-3 vogue-nippon-october-2008-5 vogue-nippon-october-2008-6 vogue-nippon-october-2008-10 vogue-nippon-october-2008-11Pictures via Vogue Nippon

Club Tropicana

Welcome to the jungle!

Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato’s signature style is celebrated with her innovative and luxurious textiles, intricate beading, embroidery, appliqués and prints of her own design. For her FW 2014 collection, presented during Paris Fashion Week, she  is kind of bringing the jungle to the Fauvism exhibition and spitting it the FW 2014 out as fashion. The wild color mix is perfectly adapted to the elegant silhouettes of the 20s and 40s. Check it out:


1970811_10153921243995026_1011874649_n 1891164_10153921242400026_790483230_n 1797504_10153921241780026_2111628883_n 1794704_10153921240490026_653459566_n

Pictures via Tsumori Chisato


I can’t believe how relaxed and laid back this Christmas break can make you feel. And I can’t believe how 4 hours of work can destroy all of that: I’m tired, hungry and it’s cold. My eyes hurt so much, I can barley write this post. The only thing that keeps them open is the beauty of Gilad Sasporta‘s shoot called African Chic, a tribute to the beauty of Africa.

tumblr_mxy728bhuw1qbi4mro3_500Gilad Sasporta is a freelance fashion photographer based in Paris. After obtaining his degree in art an photography at Wizo Academy in 2005 he worked for leading fashion magazines and commmercial projects in Israel, China, Portuguese Africa and Paris. Gilad Sasporta stands out for his photography through a cinematic atmosphere, natural environment, the search for the moment but also of the person. The richness of his art can be summarized in a current and modern world, based on the human-being and away from fireworks.


tumblr_my7w0j0PYw1qmbbpno5_500But what is it about this shoot that fascinates me?
It’s the fact that it’s showing pure and raw life. It’s not selling a dream, but it’s putting the brand into a daily life situation. I mean honestly how many of you have a super expensive T-Shirt on, let’s say a Givenchy one, and are still going to McDonald’s? How many of you have a Chanel bag, but still are going to Disney Land or whatever? I could ask hundred of “How many of you…” questions? Do you know what I am trying to say?
This is my definition of the New Jeunesse Doree: you are high-fashion, your attitude is high-fashion, but you can still have a simple life/ come from a simple life/ do simple life things…
There are no borders! If you still want a high fashion brand piece, then just go get it. Work for it. Your situation does not define who you are, you define who you are!


tumblr_mxy728bhuw1qbi4mro1_500Pictures via Olivier Baille