Sooooo the subway ain’t running from today till Monday and I would have to take the bus to get to places. And this shit just sounds like I am going to stay at home all weekend long and I am scared. Who wants to be at home on the weekend? Like bus driving is so annoying and it takes forever. At least Imma have more time to blog, I guess…

And I will start right now with Sing Yu Chen‘s final major project: his AW14 collection named “Metamorphosis”. Metamorphosis is a biological process, a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. In this project, the concept will be analyzed human being transform from one form to the other in the future. Their colours, textures and silhouettes inspire the collection, which also combine futuristic elements to create an innovative menswear collection. The whole collection will be bared deconstructed tailoring, which back related to the key word ‘metamorphosis’, by combining of organic and man-made fabrics.

Gooood stuff:

Sing-Yu-Chan-2015-Autumn-Winter-Collection-682x1024 Sing-Yu-Chan-2015-Autumn-Winter-Collection-2-682x1024 Sing-Yu-Chan-2015-Autumn-Winter-Collection-3-1024x682 Sing-Yu-Chan-2015-Autumn-Winter-Collection-5-682x1024 Sing-Yu-Chan-2015-Autumn-Winter-Collection-6-682x1024 Sing-Yu-Chan-2015-Autumn-Winter-Collection-8-1024x724 Sing-Yu-Chan-2015-Autumn-Winter-Collection-9-1024x724Pictures via Showtime

The Shit I’m Wearing: Too Cool For School

I am all about education and shit, but last week at uni was not fun at all. Like classes were boring. So I decided to walk through the uni and just took random selfies at random places. And I probably left the class room every 5 minutes and my classmates and professor might have thought that I have diarrhea or some, but I don’t care. It just turned out that I am too cool for school (or I just wish to be):
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Wanna buy the shirt? Get it from This Is Not Clothing. And seriously this is one of the best t-shirts I have ever bought, because the quality is really really good and worth every cent!

Wood Morning!

Getting up early in the morning is like the worst thing ever, especially when you are still tired as fuck. But today I woke up at like 6 am without any alarm utilized. I was literally laying in bed thinking “What the heck is wrong with you?” and the sun wasn’t even up yet. So I kinda got ready for uni, had breakfast while the sun was coming up and I realized how beautiful all these morning colors are. Just like Mai Gidah did for his new collection.

With nature also art is united in Mai Gidah‘s SS15 collection named “Morning Dew”,  where designer Ali (Alec) Abdulrahim was inspired by the abstract geometric shapes of Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich’s paintings and created pieces that are an expression of art and nothing but art. With a color palette reminiscing to morning dew, fabrics like silk and PVC  and strong silhouettes, the collection turned out to be elegant and still kinda sexy (is it appropriate to call a menswear collection sexy?) This being said:

Wood morning!
Mai-Gidah ss15 10414643_815085808526209_3646991271257223185_n 10417816_815085365192920_2888818522732518109_n 10580249_815084908526299_6954421614873489329_n 10612942_815085501859573_7315481442372273729_n 10615625_815085255192931_2321445558871585783_n 10646931_815085185192938_5830516183134330238_n 10665792_815084815192975_3300802686173060198_nPictures via Mai-Gidah
Photography: Nicholas Lapite – Styling: Thomas Sels – Grooming: Poppy France – Models: Pace @ AMCK, Beau & Yarik @ MilkManagement


Ok, the quality of this pic is on point (thanks for that Iphone! (being ironic right now)), but the people you can actually see on that picture made me think I was in heaven: Desigual and designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix presented their Spring/Summer 2015 collection to an energetic crowd in The Theatre at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week, where Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima kicked off theshow. Like Adriana Lima was running! You can only imagine how my dick reacted to this (sorry for being so vulgar, but it’s just the truth).

Foto 2

But if that’s not enough those in attendance included Sin City 2 star Rosario Dawson, supermodel Poppy Delevingne, socialite Olivia Palermo, Breaking Bad’sRJ Mitte, Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether, Vanderpump Rules’ Pandora Vanderpump, French Model Camille Rowe and Orange is the New Black’s Laura Gomez. Like whaaaaat?

However…Inspired by nature’s flora and fauna, this season presented a colorful, multi-cultural bouquet.  A cool Mediterranean spirit was combined with South American motifs; classic English garden blooms met the Iberian Peninsula’s landscape; and a western countryside was influenced by sweeping European geometry. The collection celebrated the season’s warm weather with daisies in bloom, desert roses, tropical hibiscus and Mexican dahlias; flowers freshly cut from an imaginary garden.A blossoming kaleidoscope, the collection is a gift meant to inspire happiness, one bloom at a time.
image007 image002 image004 image005And since my pics turned out to be fucked up, I am had to show you the official ones. And yo, I saw Adriana Lima! 

Pictures via Desigual

Tothem’s Goblin

And I have enough!
Enough of the womenswear. Enough of the stuff that I find kind of cool, but will never wear or have to wait like 1 year until it makes its way into men’s fashion. This blog turned into something that I am not ok with. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So we need a change, because I want more menswear on this motherfucker. And what’s a better way than talking about one of my absolute favorite brands of all time: Tothem.
The brand that shows us fashion in a different light. With their new Goblin AW14 collection they propose 5 diferent looks inspired by nature: a challenging way in the silence and mystery of the mountain, first through the woods and their luxuriant plant life, than along impassable paths across jagged rocks.

tothem1 tothem2
Tothem’s Goblin is wearing shirts and t-shirts as well as soft sweatshirts with long sleeve patches and front pockets. These are matched to comfortable baggy pants with appliqué back pockets. The checked pattern shirt is the result of sets of tree trunks crossing each other and it reminds of the style of lumberjacks, now changing their look into a more glamorous-informal one. Leafy fronds and rough barks act against a mimetic camouflage setting, marbled stone and rocks go for a sharper and cooler look, serigraph printings of acid colored mushrooms have the forest underwood look like a psychedelic mirage.
tothem7 tothem4 tothem3 tothem5

You can’t even imagine how bad I want this. It took me literally 30 minutes to figure out which outfits to show, because all of them are mad dope (especially the outfit on the second picture: that’s my shit!). I have a couple of pieces of the AW13 collection and they are really great to wear. Tothem fashion pieces are an investment in quality and taste. So I already opened an bank account just to save money for the AW14 Goblin collection. Mo’ money, mo’ clothes!

Pictures via Tothem