Suaré New York

I don’t know who they are. And I don’t know what they do. But I know where to shop their shit. Check out Suaré New York, because this looks promising:
suaré new york suaré new york suaré new york suaré new york suaré new york suaré new yorkPictures via Suaré New York


Bold And Bright

That moment when you realize that everything is going wrong: I’m broke with expensive taste, uni sucks big times and I just crashed my glasses this morning, because I was sitting on them. WTF? Why is life turning from being super awesome to being a serious piece of shit?

But it’s time to be bold and bright! Bold and fucking bright!
Just like London-based fashion brand Typical Freaks. All collections are hand crafted jewellery and clothing, designed and made in London by Sonia Xiao and Seun Ade-Onojobi. And the collections are getting better and better and better: very urban, very street and that lookbook seems to show some real life moments (which I am a huge fan of!).

typical freaks 10538610_695394073877538_8030984862934871483_n 10590555_695394240544188_1961701779582572295_n 10626578_695393337210945_650180875763212874_n 10659431_695395357210743_598156082620510043_n 10696465_695393870544225_8509666025916796408_n

Pictures via Typical Freaks
Photographer: Nuala Swan – MUA: Molly Sheridan – Model: Grace at M+P – Hair: Rochelle Jolley


It’s Saturday. I got a whole lot of shit to do. But I couldn’t wait for next week to write about YtinifninfinitY. Well, actually I just needed a break from studying and what’s a better way to distance yourself from uni then blogging about fashion. Have a break, have a blog post.
So here we go: Designer Barragan Victor from Mexiko City is the creative mind behind the label YtinifninfinitY, who just dropped his SW 14 collection recently. And that is basically all I know, besides that the fact that the collection is the dopest shit ever. And I don’t even know how I would describe the style. And so just because it’s showing cyber, television and mobile elements, I am gonna call it Device Versa. Check it out here: 427 175 226 330 922 10296554_648403095237037_8814696858734862629_n 1411Pictures via YtinifninfinitY Model: ANGEL & VICTOR BANG MODELS MANAGEMENT – Production: FRANCISCO MANZANO – Makeup: JUANMA CONSTANTINO – Hair: PALI PALI


The moment when you wake up in the morning, being tired as fuck and first thing you do is checking Facebook. The light shines all the way into your eyes and you feel like you are getting blind the longer you look at it. And then you see that WIA Collections brought up their new collection called Forget Us. It took me 5 minutes to realize what I saw, but the moment it made click in my brain, I just went mental. Why? Because this shit is beyond dope!
W.I.A is a brand created between Barcelona and Italy, Made in Spain. The entire collections are really taking care down to the smallest details and having as a Moto : Creativity/Innovation. Check it out now, funk soul brother:
wiaforgetuscampaign03 wiaforgetuscampaign04 wiaforgetuscampaign10 wiaforgetuscampaign14 wiaforgetuscampaign15 wiaforgetuscampaign19 wiaforgetuscampaign06WIA IS THE SHIT!

Pictures via WIA
Creative Directors : Giulio Cunsolo & Ana Jerez – Design by: Ana Jerez Photo by Paolo Colaiocco – Stylists: Ana Jerez, Joel Palmer – Models: Georgia Palmer, Richard – MUA&HAIR Portia Ferrari 

All Is Vanitas

And life is not getting boring at all.
Sometimes I find myself taking fashion extremely serious, which is kind of ironic, especially when everyone else is thinking that the fashion industry is the most shallow and superficial one. But I keep thinking and thinking, e.g. about what the designer is trying to express with his collection. And I am thinking and thinking…
Like do you remember the times in school when you had to interpret a poem? And you were interpreting all kind of shit, but the teacher said: “Naaaah, I don’t think so.” Like WTF? Did you write the poem? How the fuck do you know what the author is trying to say?

But yea, I am the kind of kid that is interpreting all kind of shit into it and I am really curious about the inspiration behind the collection, particularly when the fashion pieces are packed with a message.
Here is an example:


This Is Not Clothing is a juxtaposition of contemporary culture and fine art:  a consumerist art movement that celebrates and reinvents masterful artworks through photography. And this is not about the superficial shit you usually get to see. The vanitas themed collection, which is showing the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits through still life paintings is putting a moralistic message into the fashion itself.  If you are not a superficial asshole than this collection can really leave you thinking about the important and unimportant things in life.

And the reason for my dilemma (just kidding) is the brand founder,photographer Jam Sutton, who is creating the artwork. Jam’s work breaks away from traditional boundaries of photography, some of his past collaborations include: Azealia Banks, Pharrell Williams, Steve Aoki, Kid Cudi, Travis Barker. But back to business…check out the art that is floating through Collection II/II:  communionii-lb mementomorivi-lb mementomoriv-lb stpeterii-lb

This is not clothing, this is art.

Pictures via This Is Not Clothing

Be You Always

Have you ever heard about these people that fall in love with their dolls and like create a life with them? Or that woman that married the Eiffel tower?
Call me crazy, but sometimes I just have this reaction in my brain regarding fashion pieces. It’s that moment when you see a sweater or jacket and BOOM: it’s love on the first sight. That’s what happened to me on Sunday with a Benaiah Matheson t-shirt. The independent UK art fashion brand is designed by Benaiah Matheson is all about reflecting a conscious perception of our society. Benaiah explains on his homepage:
tumblr_msti5acXRW1rvsitdo1_500I created my brand 2 years ago and when I describe what I do I’d say 1st & foremost I’m an artist and fashion is a canvas. I creat because very little of what’s out there is very real. Few brands seem to care about you instead of producing what’s actually dope.
What you wear is your voice so speak clearly yeah. 
I put everything into every piece because it’s the only way forward. ‘Be you always’ is something I always say because it’s so frikin important!

Thank you! This last passage is summing up what I have been preaching about since I started blogging. And you can clearly see it in his fashion. Zebra Katz let me touch the t-shirt and it’s really high quality. And I guess the pattern of the t-shirt which I am talking about is stimulating something in my brain:
abstract-4I could stare at it for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. I need to close my eyes to finish this blog post. The black and white thing, with the red brand logo is just banging. Drum rool, please and here it goes:
tumblr_mkgxa5NGmW1rvsitdo1_500 POROUS tumblr_mm51fpudIj1rvsitdo1_500Brutally beautiful (and damn dat ass)!
So by the time I am 70 years old and I look back at my life and I still don’t have this tee in my closet, then it’s a wasted life. You don’t want this happen to you. So shop the collection on or on ASOS Marketplace!

Pictures via Benaiah Matheson on Tumblr