Berlin. Berlin. Berlin.
A fashion week that is not relevant and at the same time not irrelevant. It’s just stuck in the middle (and every business/economy student knows that this is the worst position ever) and I think I am going to make a marketing plan to make it more attractive to the international fashion scene. although MBFWB is in it’s core super international. And labels like IVANMAN make me not want to give up on this certain week. The designer Ivan Mandzukic is bringing colourblocking into FW15 and I like the fact he is giving his style, which is more on the classical look kind of side, a more colorful twist.  And I feel like with the color orange he is in tune with the FW15 times.  See yourself:

ivanman ivanman ivanman ivanman ivanman ivanman


Ok, the quality of this pic is on point (thanks for that Iphone! (being ironic right now)), but the people you can actually see on that picture made me think I was in heaven: Desigual and designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix presented their Spring/Summer 2015 collection to an energetic crowd in The Theatre at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week, where Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima kicked off theshow. Like Adriana Lima was running! You can only imagine how my dick reacted to this (sorry for being so vulgar, but it’s just the truth).

Foto 2

But if that’s not enough those in attendance included Sin City 2 star Rosario Dawson, supermodel Poppy Delevingne, socialite Olivia Palermo, Breaking Bad’sRJ Mitte, Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether, Vanderpump Rules’ Pandora Vanderpump, French Model Camille Rowe and Orange is the New Black’s Laura Gomez. Like whaaaaat?

However…Inspired by nature’s flora and fauna, this season presented a colorful, multi-cultural bouquet.  A cool Mediterranean spirit was combined with South American motifs; classic English garden blooms met the Iberian Peninsula’s landscape; and a western countryside was influenced by sweeping European geometry. The collection celebrated the season’s warm weather with daisies in bloom, desert roses, tropical hibiscus and Mexican dahlias; flowers freshly cut from an imaginary garden.A blossoming kaleidoscope, the collection is a gift meant to inspire happiness, one bloom at a time.
image007 image002 image004 image005And since my pics turned out to be fucked up, I am had to show you the official ones. And yo, I saw Adriana Lima! 

Pictures via Desigual

The Shit I’m Wearing: Miami Vibes

My posts lately are like super whack and not filled with content at all. But I honestly don’t see the point in wasting and sacrificing my time to sit at home or at a coffee shop and write. HELL NO!  That’s why I am keeping it short and I will take my time once I am out of this beautiful city.
But this right here is probably one of my all time favorite ootd posts and I am not talking fashion.  But these GIF’s are everything to me. I am addicted! And I promise there is going to be a lot more of these in the future. In the meantime I am just causal chilling: 
hh (1) hh hh (3)Wanna shop le look?
1. T-Shirt: Katie Eary
2. Jersey: American Apparel
3. Shorts: Roscoe
4. Shoes: Superga


MTV Cribs

The following is an MTV Cribs special presentation.

Come on in MTV Cribs, let me show you around the Topkapı Palace, which is  a large palace in Istanbul/Turkey, that was the primary residence of the Ottoman sultans for approximately 400 years. And now it’s mine for a couple of seconds. Fuck what you heard it’s mine, it’s mine. So let me show you around.
As well as a royal residence, the palace was a setting for state occasions and royal entertainments. It is now a major tourist attraction and contains important holy relics of the Muslim world, including Muhammed’s cloak and sword. The palace complex consists of 4 main courtyards and a couple of smaller buildings. And the smaller buildings are as big as the hood I used to live in. Back in time the palace was home to approximately 4,000 people. And now I live here alone, because I upgraded myself to this:

Unbenannt-1Foto 1 Foto 2 (3) Foto 4 Foto 2 Foto 3 Foto 1 (3) Foto 5This is it, man. So you had the chance to see some of my toys, some of my rooms. Got the change to see my crib. I see you next time. We do MTV Cribs on my new house…


The Shit I’m Wearing: Orange Is The New Black

It’s a hard knock life for us…
and it’s getting harder with every Celsius on that thermometer. And I am talking fashion. Like the hotter it gets the less you wanna wear, but you can’t walk around butt naked (which could be both blessing and curse at the same time, but this is not the right time to discuss). So sometimes I find myself rather having the dopest clothes on, but be sweating like crazy, as long as the look is kind of cool… like fashion comes first. But for this post I actually found the perfect combination.

This time I am basically on the fashion front-line with frontlineshop and a little bit of Asos. I decided to be a little bit dapper, but still keeping it hood (Ghetto-Canel).  And these 4 fashion pieces (shirt, shorts and shoes from frontlineshop.com and shirt from Asos, but see end of post) not only look, but feel light and clear. And since orange is the new black…Just take a look:

1 2 2a 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Wanna shop the look? Lemme hook u up with the links:
1. Shirt: Roscoe  (frontlineshop.com)
2. Shorts: Roscoe (frontlineshop.com)
3. Shoes: Superga (frontlineshop.com)
5. Jacket: Reclaimed Vintage (Asos)

The Shit I’m Wearing: Tothem

I went through the Italy pictures I had and I realized that I still haven’t even posted half of them. So there is still a bunch of Italy coming your way.

At the end of my trip I was in Biella, a beautiful little town about 80k m away from Milan, where every corner looked like a potential film set. I was just waiting for the cameras and actors to pop out of nowhere, which kind of not happened, but you know if Hollywood is calling the mayor it is probably because of this post right here ( just kidding).
However, we were just about to go to dinner when we saw this orange digger unattended in one of the alleys. Not only that orange is the new black, but my wish to become Bob the Builder one day has come true. I just jumped right on it and was ready for the pictures to be taken. And there are some pictures that are not meant for the public (because I just look stupid) but are hilarious as fuck.

So these bunch of tourist shoots turned into a whole shooting and since I am wearing one of my favorite brands, I thought I could make a The Shit I’m Wearing post out of it.
So I wear a Tothem t-shirt, which is one of these brands I just want to own. Like wearing is not enough I literally want to own the whole company. That’s how fucking dope it is. So even if you are on the trip and you probably have worn everything in your suitcase at least once, the Tothem shirt is the perfect item to pimp up every simple outfit.

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned…because I am not even close with being done with my Italian story…
IMG_10hg10 IMG_1013gugu IMG_1179 IMG_0962 IMG_0959