The most unexpected things in life happen on a regular Saturday morning. Life is short and I just realized once more that you really have to concentrate on the beautiful things in life. Shit sounds cheesy, but collect moments not things. Go out, drink, have sex and chill. Be positive!

Enough of that preaching, but a collection that is representing all of that optimism is definitely Davidelfin‘s SS15 called “El tiempo de los monstruos”. The name might be irritating at first, but that specific shade of blue the Madrid-based designer is using, combined with a super minimalistic cut, very clean line and sharp silhouettes is just everything and not only because I am having a Blue (Blogging) Period like Picasso this week (…stay tuned.)
This collection is just giving me positive vibes:

davidelfin 10632882_820744627958104_4507957724056977254_n 10641097_820744561291444_6895076215890155322_n 10653524_820744401291460_2175549326121164221_n 10710744_820744691291431_6157066683677312219_n davidelfin 10394820_820744404624793_9033199739294022077_n 10483159_820744524624781_2585826671963572759_nPictures via Davidelfin


Ciao ragazzi! Come stai?

As if Croatia wasn’t enough, I went to see Milan/Italy for a whole week (#JetsetLife). Milan is supposed to be one of the four fashion forces besides Paris, London and New York. The fashion was overall disappointing though or maybe I was just doing the wrong things at the wrong places. IDK. However I ended up living in Milan’s ghetto for a couple of days (not that I am not used to the ghetto life, but still I thought I could do better at least on vacas…). And instead of whinging (which I kind of did a lot and this is the right time to apologize to the concerned people: Sorry!) I put my Black Boy Place  Picasso Baby t-shirt on, which I thought was quite fitting for the situation.

BBP (Black Boy Place) is a French clothing brand founded in 2010, which attracted success, recognition and fame in Paris (France) and overseas through artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce or Les Twins. It draws on several clothing styles like rock style, hip hop, but also a little more classic styles to offer unique and ground-breaking designs that can be worn by everyone. The purpose of the brand is to connect both the urban and classy styles.

The t-shirt was not the problem, because it’s a cool piece of fashion, but I  literally walked my soles off. These shoes were not made for walking, especially not for at least 9 hours, which felt like 24 at the end of the day. And as dumb as I am I repeated this every day. Well, at least my Italian improved by asking for directions.

So stay tuned for la dolce vita all week long. No freaking escape!

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The Artist

I noticed every time I really like a topic I decided to write about, the blog post always ends up being shitty. And when I just write shit it just seems to be become a good blog post. Like wt actual f is wrong with me? So I want to apologize in advance, because I feel like this one not going to be the best post ever. But it is one I really like to talk about.

The artist Christopher Mudgetand his work. Seeing his black and white paintings made me think: Is that Picasso? No, seriously, is this Picasso? Like this is so Picasso without being Picasso. I was confused for a couple of seconds until I realized that Christopher pays homage with putting his own artsy handwriting into strictly black and white paintings.
Mr. Mudgget explains his work:  “Constraining my work to monochromatic renderings allows me to portray my subjects with a universality that transcends the limits, as it were, of both color and shape. Not allowing color to determine form, nor form to define essence, I bring an existentialist quality to my work that many artists only achieve through abstraction.”

And he continues:
“I play with my subjects, but respect their humanity. Perfection is an abstraction; imperfect existence is an art. I bend, but do not distort, I bruise, but do not break. Through careful choice of subject, color and technique, I am able to paint an exciting and insightful portrait of universal humanity that is race-less but not faceless.”

I am super bad at describing art, but I know what I like and I like these paintings. So good work, Mr. Mudgett!

MUDGETT_Boy-bear_400 Mudgett_Churchgoers_2012_400 MUDGETT_THEBOXER_2013WEB_400 MUDGETT_MUSICIAN2_2012WEB_o_400Pictures via Christopher Mudgget


Piet Mondrian.
A dutch painter that revolutionized the history of art through his cubistic works which are characterized through his use of red, yellow and blue in his paintings. During his Cubist period he developed a structure of lines that allowed him to apply colour without relying on the object itself.
You think that this shit is easy to create but at that time this thought was revolutionary and out of the box. And this out of the box thinking but kind of painting in two-dimensional boxes made him famous and relevant. The exhibition Mondrian.Colours in Hamburg/Germany brings together 40 loans from the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag, which holds the largest collection of Mondrian’s works.


And this exhibition thought me two things. One of them is following:
From his early successes in 1900 painting Dutch landscapes, Mondrian developed into the pioneer of Colour Field painting after Goethe’s theory of colours drew his attention for the first time to the primary colours. And this was a long road to go. He actually adapted and interpreted every epoch of art and did it kind of his way until he finally reached the point where he created something new. You try and learn and adapt and maybe even copy shit until you are the one that is going one step forward just to leave your footprint. And that one footprint is everything that matters, because this one needs to be filled.

Foto 1

And the second thing that really inspired me is that back then there was a group of young people that stood up for something. They had a vision, they created an art movement, they wanted change, they tried to develop art into something that was not seen before. Something that I feel is so lost nowadays. And that’s why I am going to push that New Jeunesse Dorée thing till I can’t push it no more.

Foto 3What do you stand for?

Miss Dior








One great thing (amongst a million great things) in Paris is that there’s always something to do. Go out every night (check), see all the beautiful monuments of the city (and the Eiffel tower), charge your credit card until the bank vetoes any more materialistic consumptions (check and check). And then, when you are actually broke, you can live off ramen noodles for the week and go to all the free exhibitions that are taking place in Paris, being artsy and all that.

In honor of Miss Dior’s 65th anniversary, the Miss Dior exhibition just opened at the Grand Palais and so we went. Dedicated to the spirit of the fragrance, Christian Dior’s modern interpretation of a female icon and his close relationships with famous artists such as Picasso and Dalí, the exhibition featured the evolution of the fragrance itself, vintage Dior designs, but more interestingly (sorry, not too impressed by the pure brand content) the interpretation of Miss Dior by contemporary artists such as Lee Bul and Alyson Schotz.

The exposition is short and sweet, so skip the queue at the entrance because it is not worth queuing for half an hour if you only spend a maximum of one hour inside (pretend you’re a Swedish popstar, somehow that seems to work quite well here). And don’t miss the exhibition Paris Photo right next by!

Jay Z / Bercy




The term “Niggas in Paris” has been coined so many times by the Kanye West/Jay Z duo since 2011, I almost didn’t want to put the phrase into this post. However, when Jay Z was on stage in Paris last Thursday, it really proved once more that he really was in his zone. After being in the music business for so many years, he is still one of the best live performers out there. Dancing, rapping, pushing his audience up, Mr. Carter blew it out of the water. Once again, chapeau and #picassobaby (side note: there is certainly a reason why Michel Gaubert picked that song as part of the Chanel SS14 show: For you to see, I’m the modern day Pablo, Picasso baby!)

Oh, and on the fashion side dish: Jay wore a customized Novum Praecepta (Latin for New Rules) T-Shirt among others. Such a better statement than Supreme, just saying…