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Today I realized I am way behind with everything: studying (actually, that realization has been there all along but I’m a great suppresser of feelings), Christmas shopping and, yes, until yesterday, also rent. And I am especially late with the Paris fashion week street style pictures, of which I took so many. So, in order to begin with the street style series, let’s look at Christine Centenera, senior fashion editor at Australian VOGUE, and her amazing outfit at the Chanel show: she has hit the mark on favorite fall styles, a balance between Parisian chic (them Parisiennes love their sheer, sleek silk shirts and leather pencil skirts) and edgy-cool (hate both words, but cannot be bothered to look up a more fitting one). Love everything about this, the gold necklaces, the oversized coat (WANT) and the bold sunglasses to protect her from the non-existent French sun and street peepers like me.

P.S.: Exaggerated on the title, though. My list of favorite Aussies goes like this:

1. Abbey Lee Kershaw

2. Catherine McNeil

3. Hugh Jackman

4. Christine Centenera

But being placed right behind Hugh Jackman is certainly not the worst thing in the world…