The Shit I’m Wearing: Riding Dirty

They see me rolling, they hating, they trying to catch me riding dirty…

That’s exactly how I felt when I had the chance to test drive Jaano. Never heard of it? Well, that’s what I am here for.
Founded by the two friends Jaan Hofmann and Tino Hoffrichter, Jaano is offering scooter sharing to everybody living in Hamburg (and it will probably spread out to your city soon, so just watch out). It’s the perfect solution for traffic and transportation in urban areas, since you can rent the scooter for as much time as you need and just park wherever. No strings attached, because you pay for the time you use the Jaano scooter and wherever you find one of these you can hopp on and off anytime. The concept is simple and genius at the same time! You just have to register (and of course have a driver’s licence and stuff like that) and off you go.

And since I am a huge fan of it, I did put on my good outfit and got myself up on that  Vespa Primavera 50 4T 4V. Take a look (a little posing never hurt nobody)! VROOM VROOM!
Jaano Weekday weekday I don't give a fuck Jaano JaanoThe idea is dope as fuck and you will definitely gonna catch me riding on this in Hamburg, so make sure you like Jaano on Facebook!

And btw: wanna shop the look? Here you go:
1. Sweater: Weekday (it’s on sale)
2. Shirt: Asos
3. Jeans: Cheap Monday
4. Shoes: Superga
5. Socks: Bought them in Patrica Field‘s store in NYC and I couldn’t find them online...

Wifey Material

I have such a celebrity crush on….Kylie Jenner!
And that’s why this song right here is perfect:

Juicy Street Couture

And I have to admit I am addicted to Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta. Trash TV at its best! And once you are into it, good luck getting out of it.

The Rap Quotes

During my childhood the streets were my playground. Like I literally played soccer on the streets. That was actually the time when my brother got his first car and I always knew when his car is turning into my street, because the speakers in his Mercedes were turned up all the way: from Jay-Z to The Fugess, the hip hop beats were bumping in the streets.

This childhood memory was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about Jay Shells “Rap Quotes” project, where he post famous rap quotes around New York and Los Angeles for this clever street art installations.  So he literally puts hip hop into the streets. The signs display quotes from famous hip hop artists like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Nas or Notorious B.I.G. and are appropriately placed in the exact location the lyric calls out.
Dope as fuck:

jay_shells_rap_quotes_new_york_2014_08 jay_shells_rap_quotes_new_york_2014_02 jayshells_mar31-3142 jayshells_mar31-3456
Pictures via

Sad B:(ys

After a whole fucking day of not being able to use my laptop because of some dysfunction of my keypad I finally found a solution. Nothing is coming in between my laptop and myself!  That cyber life forever. I sound like an addict, but honestly if you think that your laptop is dead and you realize that all of your documents and pictures are gone (thank god this didn’t happen) then you need a couple of days to prepare for the final goodbye.
Emotional situation I can tell y’all. But fuck it I survived yesterday. Let’s keep on concentrating on the fun side of life: I went to see Yung Lean & Sad Boys during their White Marble Tour 2014.
Foto 1


Foto 2

Yung Lean is a 16 year old Swedish rapper from Stockholm talking about glory holes and Arizona Ice Tea and playing Nintendo, which was my shit back then. Nintendo 64 and that Super Mario was EVERYTHING to me. And with his crew the Sad Boys he managed to leave me arizona-iced-out for real. And I honestly haven’t seen a cooler and more diverse clientele (the crowd) since forever. The rapper does not only talk about attracting clientele very well in his music, but he actually does it, which is more than impressing. This whole emotional boys/sad boys movement is just revolutionary. And I wish I was that cool when I was 16. With that said: Go and check them out if you have the chance. You will have a emotional time, but (sorry to say) not sad at all!

I swear you guys are my heroes!


Ever wondered what happened to Missy Elliott?
I honestly don’t know. But what I know is that she has a new protegee coming up: Sharaya Howell, better known by her stage name Sharaya J.

1239514_723661830982317_1076325648_nA native hawaiian, but raised in Jersey City, New Jersey Sharaya has always been an artist at heart. Music has always been prevalent in her life, exposed early by her father who was a member of 90’s Hip Hop group Double XX Posse she’s always been a natural performer. Looking up to superstars like TLC, AAliyah, Biggie, Wutang Clan, Mary, Janet Jackson and more, she was a true fan of Hip Hop and R&B. With a very successful career in the dance industry prior to the music industry she worked with and for Diddy, Rhianna, Alicia Keys as well as great choreographers like Laurianne Gibson, Fatima Robinson and Jamaica Craft. So Sharaya is no stranger to the spotlight at all. >And now as Missy “Misdameanor” Elliott’s new recording artist it’s her time to take center stage:

Her dancing is on point. And her videos just remind me of the Missy Elliot one’s. Focused on dance and a lot of creativity.  She has a fresh new sound and style, inspired by true Hip Hop and underground dance music. She has also spearheaded The “Banji Movement” which encourages the masses to embrace Uniqueness and Originality, thus birthing the acronym Be Authentic Never Jeopardize Individuality (BANJI). Considering her background and love for dance Sharaya says, ” I just wanna make fun music, Dance is my root so my goal is to get the people dancin again!!!