Break The Internet

While Kim Kardashian is breaking the internet with her butt, Antimatter is talking the internet and the cyber world (from seapunk, netart to webpunk to you fucking name it) into their FW14 lookbook for a collection called “Sunset At Noon”.  And the Seoul based streetwear brand is  pushing it to perfection with it! Like not only the clothes are dope as fuck. but the lookbook presentation is just on point.
And as soon as I converted Won into €  and got money on my bank account I will purchase the shit out of their webshop. In the meantime I will just stare at this lookbook:
Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook_fy17 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy3 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy5 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy6 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy9 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy12 Antimatter-FW14-Lookbook-fy14
Pictures via Antimatter



I am so sad that I don’t know how to speak any Korean, because this fashion brand named RE.D is so dope! But I don’t understand what it’s saying on their Facebook page and the only thing I know is that this brand unveiled its SS15 collection during Seoul Fashion Week a couple of days ago. And maybe I just don’t need to know more, because fashion is a language, too, and in this case it can speak for itself. But if you need some words: Caution, it’s dope!
red_ss15_fy5 red_ss15_fy1 red_ss15_fy3 red_ss15_fy6 red_ss15_fy12 red_ss15_fy15 red_ss15_fy16 red_ss15_fy22Pictures via Fucking Young


I know that this right here is going to sound soooo stupid, but the Gagnam Style song has been in….
You know what?! Fuck it.
It’s true that the Gagnam song has been in my mind all week, but I honestly just needed a bridge to the Korean Brand Kye, which is designed by Kathleen who is based in London/UK and Seoul/South Korea. She studied at MA/ BA Central Saint Martins and  her collections are produced in Korea (South). Her designs are representing fun-loving new menswear shapes that distinguish from the conventional patterns. And her FW14 lookbook/ collection is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g I need in fashion: cool cuts, nice fabrics and that je-ne-sais-quoi that just makes you wanna have the pieces. 

Shop the brand right on and check out the current lookbook here:

23_20_v2 23_11_v3 23_08 23_011 23_29 23_24Pictures via Kye