Sadak FW15

MBFWB is run by the Balkan connection. And I absolutely like it. Plus SADAK had by far (by faaaaaar) the best runway collection for FW15 (in Berlin). And it could have not been more Ghetto Chanel:
sadakSadak’s designer Sasa Kovacevic is a Serbian-born fashion and stage/costume designer. He graduated in Fashion Design from Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin,Germany; he also studied Stage and Costume Design at the Academy of Art, Belgrade. In addition to designing for his own Fashion Label- SADAK, Sasa has also designed costumes and set design for several dance projects. And this shit better land in my wardrobe.
sadak sadak The clothing is innovative and unique, while still incorporating distinctive elements from a variety of preceding periods and ethnic cultures.The various inspirations for the collections are essentially what makes them so superior in character. It’s not only the collection as a whole that comes with a motive, it’s the individual works themselves.
sadak sadak sadak

Always at the core of his universe (and as essential as the clothes themselves) are attitudes, moods and statements about individuality and independence. Equally important in SADAK’ s approach is the constant quest for innovation. The key elements stay the same: modern proportions, a constant research for fabrics and textures and above all the interplay of pure construction and new shapes with the body and psyche of the contemporary fashion and art.
sadak sadakSo a major HVALA for putting the right light on MBFWB!


Fashion Over Sleep

I remember last Fashion Week season I was so excited for IVANMAN, which was actually opening the FW14 season (maybe I am wrong, but I think I am right). But I just fucked up and didn’t go, because I was fucked up from the party the night before. Like I literally went to bed at like 8 am and the show was at 10 am. I chose sleep over fashion. But this time I did the right thing and chose fashion over sleep.

Stylism and Modelism were the formative influences of IVANMAN and still are for his SS15 collection. The creations of the Berlin-based designer Ivan Mandzukic with Serbian (all that Balkan connection I swear) roots are drawn from a geometric purism, which is reflected in its clean lines and minimalist silhouettes. Graphic details, such as origami folding techniques and cubist forms meet expressive colors such as ruby red, cobalt blue, ocher, or pure white. His designs always seem like classically contemporary fashion artworks.

And all I can say is uh la la la, some of these SS15 pieces belong into my wardrobe :
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For several days now, my country, #Croatia, as well as its neighbors #BosniaAndHerzegovina and #Serbia, have been battling one of the greatest disasters in their history. Because of devastating floods, several cities and villages have been (and are still being) evacuated, the number of casualties is still not final, the damage is immeasurable and countless people have lost their homes and everything they’ve ever had.
Every single €/$/£/¥ is needed. So please support the #CroatianRedCross under following link:

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Thank you!

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Many of you probably don’t know that I have a Croatian heritage. Croatia is very famous for it’s beaches, sometimes the food, but it was never ever ever ever mentioned in connection with fashion. And I honestly thought the Croatian fashion scene is dead. Because I never heard about a designer, the pictures of fashion shows I have seen looked cheap as fuck (and after a little more research I found the good shows) and I guess the fashion community is sooo soo so small. And this needs to be changed, because there is some dope ass talent running around. Like Dioralop by Andreja Bistricic & Maja Merlic.

The Croatian duo met in Zagreb, which lead to the launch of their label. Andreja obtained degree at Faculty of Textile and Technology in Zagreb/Croatia. Graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in 2009 specializing in womenswear, whilst expanding knowledge interning at Alexander McQueen studio. Maja is an architect, with strong sense of texture and style.
Are you ready for SS14?
1379798_565649250167968_2139077034_n 1385067_565649293501297_1706587906_n 1375164_565649343501292_367276504_n 1069314_565649356834624_1440090993_n 1382220_565649533501273_590896027_n 1376632_565649416834618_1640532242_n 1383722_560554997344060_1007840770_nDIORALOP collections are inspired by Polaroid pictures, which were created through intentional spills of chemicals and their exposure to different temperatures. This technique yields various colours and patterns, which are digitally printed in the UK, using variety of luxurious fabrics. Inspiration is drawn from subcultures, street fashion and issues with an emotional impact. Andreja’s taste for cut and deconstruction perfectly balanced with Maja’s vision of print and textile manipulation. Every season designers like to tell stories in different ways, using ambiguous fabrics, proportion and silhouette. DIORALOP designs are for person that is uncompromising, aware and individual. And that’s why they are the shit I’m talking about!

And I don’t know if you understand how proud I am!
Puno vam hvala za ovu prekrasnu kolekciju!

Pictures via Dioralop – Photo: Sanja Bistricic, Model: Antonija Bilobrk @ Sonic Models, Make-Up: Ana Rajic, Hair: Mijo Majhen