Like this  is basically how the year started: with a big bang and it’s gonna be a good one. Trust me when I say that! 2k15 is about to be epic.
Especially when you start a blog off with a designer with designs being one of a kind: Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett is a mens sportswear designer, practicing in Melbourne, Australia, who’s label A.L.C.H is kinda new to the fashion scene, but will stay there forever:
In addition to working on her graduate collection, A.L.C.H. operates as a freelance practitioner and collaborator, focusing on developing her unique textile-based aesthetic and applying it to various formats.

A.L.C.H. is beginning to become known for her work appropriating found objects (varying from caution tape to banana peels, NASA space foil to astroturf) into planar surfaces. Through the recontextualization of these textiles, A.L.C.H. fashions wearable garments and accessories, whilst looking into the subversion of the sportswear genre. And you can see all of that in her SS15 collection  “Shoplifters“:
a.l.c.h Screen-Shot-2014-12-09-at-7.48.17-pm Screen-Shot-2014-12-09-at-7.48.23-pm alch Screen-Shot-2014-12-09-at-7.46.31-pm Screen-Shot-2014-12-09-at-7.46.41-pmYou can’t say this shit is not epic. You just can’t! 

Pictures via A.L.C.H.

Fashion Dolls

Not much talking today, just a plane sentence: when a fashion models literally becomes a fashion doll. “Panoplies” Magdalena Frąckowiak photographed by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris 2014.
Panoplies Panoplies Panoplies Panoplies Panoplies


I know it’s fall and only because it started raining. Like Hamburg is known for clouds and rain and the weather is really fucked up…It’s literally raining and cloudy all the time, which makes me think about wearing my blue rubber boots all the time. But this city is not ready for a me wearing them. But of course it’s acceptable for every female in this city to wear her Hunter bootsBut what really surprised me about this brand is that there is more behind it than just boots.

But who would have thought that there is a fashion world outside of the Hunter boots? I really didn’t know and that’s why I am even more excited, because the SS15 collection is dope and perfectly made for living in a city like Hamburg.
00290h_320x480For SS15, Hunter Original explores contradictions born out of a quintessential British sense of eccentricity. At the centre of this story is the Dazzle, a pioneering technique that worked on this same notion of contrast. Complex patterns were painted onto ships, creating a camouflage that made them even more visible, but confused the viewer through optical illusion. Hunter Original introduces this concept through pattern and print in the collection. Though always evolving, the brand remains true to the Original boot, continuing to source its design language from its 28-part construction. So good!
00240h_320x480 00230h_426x639 00310h_320x480 00340h_320x480 20140915070226_imageThis collections should have reached me a long time ago. Just saying.

Pictures via Hunter Original

The Darko

Spend my weekend in uni for a workshop and then I just got a cold like that and spend the rest in bed. Ebola is real, I swear (this is actually not even funny, so sorry for that). Let’s get back to this school thing. Like during class I like to sneak outside the classroom and just walk through the corridors of the uni (as I mentioned in several posts before), because I am bored as fuck an I just wanna see what’s going on.
And in the foyer there are pics on the walls from last season’s school fashion show and there was one designer that impressed me: Isabel Stasinski. Like I literally looked at it for more than 3 minutes, which in for my generation is a lot.

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Her SS14 menswear MA thesis  is exploring the depths of Richard Kelly’s cult movie Donnie Darko. And the results are trés dope. I swear I am going to spend more time outside of the classroom and we’ll see what I am going to explore:
10464245_744190955621974_7240512859922657627_n 10488112_744191235621946_8312133937763546110_n 10491980_744191258955277_733275327825990937_n 10514648_744191052288631_6708970778711716303_n 10521375_744190908955312_9072898184849974525_n 10524313_744191168955286_47900592093126779_n 10530921_744191522288584_4393713621194515369_n 10574328_744191302288606_792697932243129347_nPictures via A+ Modenschau


Alex Mullins

While I consider myself being to cool for school (see facebook post) (because it’s boring and starts so early every morning that I am tired as fuck) I thought about what to do. And I should honestly become a professional blogger. And make tons of money out of it. Unfortunately I am too average for this shit, but the shit I’m talking about def is not. And I just wanna afford Alex Mullins.

Like have you seen Alex Mullins SS15 collection? Way too dope!
British menswear designer Alex Mullins was educated at Central Saint Martins, where he was runner up in the L’Oreal Professional Young Designer of the Year Award. He then went on to complete the MA (Menswear) at the Royal College of Art.While at the RCA he was awarded a full scholarship with Kopenhagen Fur, and was nominated for the Dazed and Confused/Casio G-Shock ‘Spirit of Toughness’ award. After working for Alexander McQueen, Diane von Furstenberg, Jeremy Scott, Kanye West and Dirk Bikkembergs, Mullins set up his brand in spring 2013.

Huge fan over here.
alex mullins 20 21 26 29 13

Photography- Baker & Evans, Styling- Melissa Thompson, Grooming- Francesca Brazzo


Because The Internet

The internet is the place to be (if that expression makes any sense). And I am so sad to say this, but everything happens on the internet first, before it’s in Vogue or in the streets. I know, you know, everybody knows, and so does designer Raun Larose!

Independent designer and New York native, Raun Larose founded his label in 2009 as a lifestyle brand for young, fashion-forward men. His designs are wearable, unique and avant-garde, incorporating classic menswear tailoring. For the past three seasons, Larose has quietly turned out impressive collections and continues to be innovative in his designs. He has already received international, critical acclaim from the fashion media (including us right now)…

The SS15 collection named “Because The Internet” is inspired by the range of feelings and emotions the study of Internet evoked and by concepts like Isolation, Unity, Freedom and Consumption. I am seriously waiting for the day when the internet becomes a independent religion (just kidding), but seriously the dopest fashion things happen online. Or maybe I am just weird…However this collection is dope af:
raun la rose ss15 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy1 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy2 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy3 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy7 Raun-LaRose-SS15-Lookbook_fy11Pictures via Raun LaRose