Hentsch Man AW15

LCM Day 2. And the AW15 collections keep on coming and coming.

Hentsch Man was launched in 2008 by childhood friends, Alexia Hentsch and Max von Hurter, with the sole mission of creating the perfect white shirt. The brand has come a long way since then, now presenting seasonal collections of a diverse range of wardrobe essentials and casually tailored garments. But despite this growth, the original values of simplicity, good tailoring, good quality and good pricing remain the core pillars of the brand.Over the seasons, Hentsch Man has developed the use of print and graphics as a central feature to the collections, pushing the brand in a more quirky and tongue-in-cheek direction.

Peep the AW15 collection here:
hentsch man hentsch man hentsch man hentsch man


Donaldson Sackey

Donaldson Sackey, a Togolese international football player, who is not only into running after balls on the football field, but made his debut as model in the fashion scene a couple of months ago. From playing football to modelling, with an extremely eye-catching style, I had to sit down with this fellow and ask him a couple of questions: Donaldson sackey
The Shit I’m Talking: Let’s start this interview with a question that makes a lot of sense for this blog: What’s the shit you like to talk about?

Donaldson: I like to talk about football, fashion and music.

The Shit I’m Talking: Which makes a lot of sense! As professional football player, football made you travel the world. So you lived in countries like the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Germany and played for local teams. But which country influenced you most from a fashion point of view and why?
Donaldson: London is a city that influenced me the most. It’s full of inspiration. You can be whoever you want to be and wear whatever you want to wear without being judged that fast. The whole vibe is different…it’s a fashion city and you can feel it with all its streetstyles coming from punk, to the funk scene, up to hip hop and so on.

The Shit I’m Talking: Talking about football. Which one is your proudest moment in your career as a footballer?
Donaldson: My first game as a player on the national team of Togo.
Donaldson sackey Donaldson sackeyThe Shit I’m Talking: The one question that I have to ask as footballer getting into modelling. How the fuck did that happen?
Donaldson: I ask myself the same question (laugh). I never wanted to become a model, but it turned out that way. Actually I was about to buy football shoes and was discovered by a model scout. That’s how it all started and I am trying to make the best out of it. Kind of like David Beckham does (laugh).

The Shit I’m Talking: What’s more fun though: playing together on a football field or being alone in front of a camera?
Donaldson: It’s both fun, but being on a football field is a special feeling for me.

The Shit I’m Talking: I made the experience that the fashion business is full of people that have no idea about fashion (it’s true!). So do you think that a model that has no clue about fashion is a good model?
Donaldson: (Laugh) That’s a mean question! Let me put it this way: for a model it’s just about presenting yourself in front of the camera.
Donaldson sackeyThe Shit I’m Talking: If you could be on one cover which one would it be?
Donaldson: Definitely the GQ cover!

The Shit I’m Talking: Which fashion piece is on your wishlist right now?
Donaldson: The Raf Simons holographic sneakers.

The Shit I’m Talking: Good choice! I should put them on my wishlist, too! I think a playlist reveals a lot of someone’s personality. So what’s the last song you played on your Iphone or Ipod?
Donaldson: Can’t Stop by Theophilus London feat. Kanye West.

The Shit I’m Talking: These two are just da shit! Both of them being trendsetters and having their own style: how would you define style?And describe yours with three words!
Donaldson: Style is making things work together that wouldn’t look good together at first glance. And I would say my style is a classy mix of 80s and 90s fashion.
Donaldson sackey The Shit I’m Talking: And last but not least a little HONY (Humans of New York) moment. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Donaldson: Everything starts with a Dream, so dream big and work hard for it.

The Shit I’m Talking: Thank you for this interview, Donaldson!
Donaldson: My pleasure!

Make sure you follow Donaldson on Instagram: @donaldsonsackey!

Pictures via Martina Cyman

Live in Concert

Went to the Sam Smith concert yesterday, but to be honest he wasn’t the one I was impressed by. Like he was singing way too many ballads, which (please don’t get me wrong) were good, but if I go to a concert I just wanna dance my ass off.  So the up-tempo songs were slowed down and I was just not feeling it. The arrangement for “La la la” feat Hotel Cabana was my shit! And even though the music might not be for me, Sam’s voice is beautiful!
Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetBut who really impressed me was the supporting act Years & Years. I haven’t heard from them before and the second the first beat dropped, me and my friend were like: “Ok, they must be from London. This is very UK.” And we were right! The band members Olly, Michael and Emre are a soulfoul electronic pop band from London. And their music is way too dope to not blog about it.

More on Years & Years Soundcloud!

Bold And Bright

That moment when you realize that everything is going wrong: I’m broke with expensive taste, uni sucks big times and I just crashed my glasses this morning, because I was sitting on them. WTF? Why is life turning from being super awesome to being a serious piece of shit?

But it’s time to be bold and bright! Bold and fucking bright!
Just like London-based fashion brand Typical Freaks. All collections are hand crafted jewellery and clothing, designed and made in London by Sonia Xiao and Seun Ade-Onojobi. And the collections are getting better and better and better: very urban, very street and that lookbook seems to show some real life moments (which I am a huge fan of!).

typical freaks 10538610_695394073877538_8030984862934871483_n 10590555_695394240544188_1961701779582572295_n 10626578_695393337210945_650180875763212874_n 10659431_695395357210743_598156082620510043_n 10696465_695393870544225_8509666025916796408_n

Pictures via Typical Freaks
Photographer: Nuala Swan – MUA: Molly Sheridan – Model: Grace at M+P – Hair: Rochelle Jolley

Amber Snow

My bags are packed for NYC and I am ready to go. But I cannot leave before introducing you to womenswear fashion designer Amber Snow. Raised and based in Nottingham, Amber Snow is a womenswear fashion designer who enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional fashions and making waves with her designs.

amber louise snow

Starting off as a self employed freelance pattern cutter, seamstress and co-designer, Amber Snow started to design her own stuff. Graduating from Birmingham City University in 2014, she launched an exciting and hypnotic couture collection at Graduate Fashion Week in London where she caught the eyes of like-minded creatives from the capital and the fashion community.


By blending traditional couture techniques and silhouettes with her other interest in modern online youth trends, she introduced a casual, street wear movement into couture, giving it a new and young twist. This approach helped to established her as an exciting up-and -coming designer, where her designs were featured in a number of blogs and magazines including publications like Flawless and Bricks Magazine.  2

For her AW14 collection called “Dimensional Perception” Amber Snow states: “Dimensional perceptions questions what makes humans judge before understanding built on a broad range of concepts. The collection is inspired by the harsh categorization of stigmas within society natural deceptions such as light refraction. Crystal geodes and visual illusions also stand as a foundation for the collection!3 4 5

Pictures via Amber Snow

From Sidewalk To Catwalk

“The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier” is the first major exhibition devoted to the one and only celebrated French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier.  With his avant-garde fashion creations and cutting-edge designs, Gaultier has shaped the look of fashion over the last 40 years. So when I received these pictures on my WhatsApp I was first depressed, because why do people in London and shit have the chance to see such great things and I have to wait for shit to happen in my city. But the feeling of being really impressed was the one that lasted. This is the moment when you realize that fashion turned into art and being epic and you are witnessing it.
In case you are in London you can see the exhibition till the 25th August in Barbican Art Gallery in London.

IMG_9418 IMG_9400 IMG_9405 IMG_9406 IMG_9404 IMG_9410 IMG_9411 IMG_9414 IMG_9413 IMG_9419Pictures via Allisha from Strangers and Candy