Van Gogh and Vermeer

And then you have all that Van Gogh and Vermeer all over the fashion pieces. And heaven just came to earth.

Eric Franzel, the designer of Franzel Amsterdam dropped his SS15 collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam a couple of days ago. And this collection is so Ghetto-Chanel (in case you don’t know that’s my new term to describe a unique combination of street couture and haute fashion) and that’s what Franzel Amsterdam is representing: a clean mix between menswear and sportswear with a touch of street. It’s fashion for a man who takes life head on and is not afraid to fall and pick him self up in the process.

And beyond the fashion aspect this collection is representing myself so hardcore. Because…like…not only do I wish people in my hood would walk around like this. Like I don’t even know how to explain it. And you know what’s funny?! The streets in my hood are named after famous painters like Kandinsky or Edvard Munch and probably 90% of the people here can’t associate any painting to the name. Like basically that art and street aspect is what is catching me, if that makes any sense. However…this Franzel Amsterdam fashion is just so smart.

And I think I am just going to go to Amsterdam during next Fashion Week. For real, for real, for real. So count me in, Eric!
Franzel Amsterdam Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy4 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy5 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy6 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy7 Franzel-Amsterdam_ss15_fy3Pictures via Fucking Young