Aiko Tezuka

Back at home, I thought it was time to do some gallery hopping. And the reason why I visited Mikko Sato Gallery is because of artist Aiko Tezuka, who’s work is often composed of fabrics that she either finds or designs, and involves both making and destroying as she and her helpers unpick portions of the fabric revealing the warp and the weft of the original looming process.


Aiko Tezuka came to Europe from her native Japan in 2010, first to London and then to Berlin, on a Künstlerhaus Bethanien Residency. She now lives and works in a flat in the fashionable Neukölln area in southeast Berlin.

Foto 1

“Over the years I have become increasingly fixated on fabrics, especially those preceding the 17th century and the ancient eras. When visiting fabric museums, I often wonder how the early textile artists made such exquisite pieces without electricity. It is apparently now impossible to remake 8th century Japanese fabrics, even if we were to use the latest technology, because the techniques have since been lost.  I am interested in loosening up these invisible narratives to unravel forgotten histories or discover new plotlines. Pervading my creative processes are techniques and rules that I have developed over time: untying and unwinding fabric, revealing its structure, juxtaposing time and place, to name but a few. I do not cut or paste, or add or subtract matter. By unravelling and recomposing the structures and stories hidden within the material, I try to capture overflowing time and the continuous process of metamorphosis.” Foto 2

“I endeavor to weave the fabric of our time into my fabric with both a sense of timelessness and temporariness. Therefore, though it may seem transient and ephemeral, I hope the presence of my piece to be felt far beyond our time.” Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 5

And she deserves so much more than just a few pieces being showed in this small gallery. Like this shit is for museums. One day when I have mucho dinero one of her art pieces will be hanging on my walls. I swear.

The Shit I’m Wearing: Tothem

I went through the Italy pictures I had and I realized that I still haven’t even posted half of them. So there is still a bunch of Italy coming your way.

At the end of my trip I was in Biella, a beautiful little town about 80k m away from Milan, where every corner looked like a potential film set. I was just waiting for the cameras and actors to pop out of nowhere, which kind of not happened, but you know if Hollywood is calling the mayor it is probably because of this post right here ( just kidding).
However, we were just about to go to dinner when we saw this orange digger unattended in one of the alleys. Not only that orange is the new black, but my wish to become Bob the Builder one day has come true. I just jumped right on it and was ready for the pictures to be taken. And there are some pictures that are not meant for the public (because I just look stupid) but are hilarious as fuck.

So these bunch of tourist shoots turned into a whole shooting and since I am wearing one of my favorite brands, I thought I could make a The Shit I’m Wearing post out of it.
So I wear a Tothem t-shirt, which is one of these brands I just want to own. Like wearing is not enough I literally want to own the whole company. That’s how fucking dope it is. So even if you are on the trip and you probably have worn everything in your suitcase at least once, the Tothem shirt is the perfect item to pimp up every simple outfit.

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned…because I am not even close with being done with my Italian story…
IMG_10hg10 IMG_1013gugu IMG_1179 IMG_0962 IMG_0959


I have been taking all this weather shit and I couldn’t handle it no more: one hour of sunshine, five hours of rain. And repeat. So I had enough, packed my bag, bought a ticket and flew with a couple of friends to Pula/Croatia. And this was the best decision ever. Like ever!
We were alone on the beach, which was a secret little bay with water having 50 shades of blue. The sun kissed my body and left a little bit of lipstick if you know what I mean. The architecture of this city is beyond amazing, took me back to the Roman Empire with its own flair. And I was drunk as fuck. A great way to spend your weekend!
I swear if you have time and need vacation, then Croatia is the place to be. And I am saying this from an objective point of view.

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Wonder Waffle

During Fashion Week my whole eating habit got fucked up, because no matter how much you plan shit, you are still always late. ALWAYS. So half of the time I was starving and I am not even a model. Like WTF? And when I am starving, I get grumpy. And when I am grumpy, I feel like everybody is a piece of shit. And right after eating something I feel bad for feeling like everybody is a piece of shit. Vicious circle at its best!
So Berlin’s district Kreuzberg saved my life several times. And that’s also where I found a new inspiration for my future living room. Wonder Waffle in Kreuzberg has this fucked up room where everybody signed on the walls and you can play Super Mario. So I whipped out my Chanel pencil and wrote my name on that wall and was eating that waffle with strawberry, pineapple, Nutella and a bunch of Smarties.
Foto 1 Foto 2 (1) Foto FotoEating waffles and signing walls. The Shit!