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I have such a celebrity crush on….Kylie Jenner!
And that’s why this song right here is perfect:

TRA$H Collection

I truly have to apologize for being the worst (and maybe the best at the same time, just kidding) blogger ever. Because this right here was on my “To Write” list since forever and I just kept on pushing it back for whatever reasons. So don’t ask me why! But  finally the day has come and I really want you to not forget breathing when I talk about DI$COUNT UNIVER$E.


Co-Founders Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James are based in Melbourne/ Australia. They started the label in 2009, launching their online store in mid 2010. Prior to releasing actual collections the girls were being interviewed as designers by some of the best publications, based on the breakout success of their blog and their utter conviction and dedication to their path. Since then, the brand has grown at record pace. They met at RMIT University whilst studying and both had a strong desire to shake up an industry they felt was stuck on repeat. Their designs are provocative, satirical and thoughtful and have caught the eye of some of the best creative minds of this century.

DI$COUNT is a brand, an idea, an image, a dialogue, a strategy, a transformation, a design, this blog, a motion picture, a label, a personality, a website, a quote, a garment, an emotion and an evolution. A
nd that vision can be seen in their TRA$H Collection. But WARNING: If you wear one of these pieces and I see you wearing it on the street and you look cute at the same time, then I just might marry you (for real!). Like no escape. In the meanwhile check out some of their fashion pieces:
June-2 mermaidcrop2 mermaidcrop3 pinkeyebra1 SPIDER4 Cactus2 discount-june-41Pictures via DI$COUNT

Big Park

Rooftop chilling is actually the thing you have to do when you are in NY.
So Big Park made the right choice when they decided to present their SS15 collection called “Wish You Were Here…” at Mondrian Soho Rooftop in New York. And I am glad I was there, because this is at this moment my favorite NYFW collection, because it’s giving me a London street vibe. With music by international DJ/Producer JULI-LEE this presentation even got better.

And I have to admit that I have a little crush on these models and especially this one right here (she hot or nah? But let’s keep this being strictly business):
But not only are the models cute as fuck. The fashion is just on point. Giving us a very London streetwear look, but still keeping it feminine. Take a look: IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0015.JPG IMG_0012.JPG


To me there is nothing sexier than a women who is confident, feminine, has her own kind of elegance and is not afraid of attention. And that’s exactly the type of woman that the designers Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović of the label TWINS by Begović & Štimac  create fashion for.

Damir Begović and Domagoj Štimac met in hight school,  studied textile, design and applied arts  together and after they graduated the design duo established the label TWINS by Begović & Štimac. Soon after there first collection for spring/summer 2012/2013  was shown, the label was winning the ELLE style award for Best Young Fashion Designers in Croatia. And here is the thing: I like to see Croatian people succeed. I just do.

And especially when I realized that the two designers and I have a couple of things in common: not only are we into fashion, but we come from the same region in Croatia.  And that means that there is a high possibility to be related (nah,  just kidding!). But the region is playing a huge part for the inspiration of the new TWINS campaign, because it is kind of showing the preparation for the confirmation ceremony. Since Croatia is a very religious and a tradition oriented country this campaign feels like home to me. And the mixture between feeling at home and doing it in an artsy way is making it really special.

I don’t know, but this just makes me proud.

Twins (7) Twins (4) Twins (8) Twins (11) Twins (12)

Twins (5)Pictures via Twins by Begovic & Stimac
PHOTO: Jakov Baričić – MUA: Iva Mandić – MODELS: Ana Begović, Marija Kovač i Karmela Lenić

Kesh Angels

This Hassan Hajjaj photography right here could have been straight out of a MIA video.Or a MIA video could have been straight out of a Hassan Hajjaj photography.
tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o5_r1_500 tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o4_500

Moroccan-born, UK-based artist, Hassan Hajjaj – Titled ‘Kesh Angels’ Hajjaj’s first exhibition in New York showcases the vivid street culture of Morocco’s young women bikers through photographs, video, limited edition objects, and an installation. Born in Larache, Morocco, in 1961, Hassan Hajjaj left Morocco for London at an early age. Heavily influence by the club, hip-hop, and reggae scenes of London as well as by his North African heritage, Hajjaj is a self-taught and thoroughly versatile artist whose work includes portraiture, installation, performance, fashion, and interior design, including furniture made from recycled utilitarian objects from North Africa, such as upturned Coca-Cola crates as stools and aluminum cans turned into lamps.
tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o1_500 tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o2_500 tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o9_r1_500
Hajjaj’s work plays with and upends stereotypes, the power of branding, and the familiarity of everyday objects, applying a ‘street-wise’ approach to his layering of influences, items, and cultural signifiers to imbue the work with an electrifying tension. His confident, upbeat portraits of young women wearing  veils, balghas and djellabah while posing on motorcycles subvert preconceived notions of Arab women; his subjects are traditionally clad but defiantly modern, bearing bright smiles and the markers of youth, independence, celebration, and fun. And this pictures turned out to be great!
tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o7_r3_500 tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o6_r3_500 tumblr_n1iujtyqPj1svu7e2o3_500Pictures via Taymour Grahne Gallery


Forever Young

Lately age and youth has been such a huge topic among my friends and even during small talks people came up with: “I feel too old to….” or “I wish I could be a teenager again…”
And this really got me thinking a lot. Like why are people (including me) always striving to be young again? Isn’t being young boon and bane at the same time? I came to the conclusion that I only wanna be young again if I can take my experiences and knowledge with me, otherwise it would be wasted time. I just want to experience the sweet demons of youth one way only and that’s in fashion.
I know this doesn’t make sense now, but wait till I introduce you to Clio Peppiatt‘s SS14 Sweet Demon of Youth collection.
CLIO-27Clio Peppiatt is a London based womenswear oriented fashion and print designer. That name is so dope it was made to become a brand/label. And her talent is just made to impress: she studied at Ravensbourne University and graduated in 2013 and with her SS14 collection she is bringing back sex, drugs and Hip Hop. Meet Clio Peppiatt:


Clio Peppiatt’s fashion is influenced by easy-to-wear silhouettes, mad dope graphic prints and the bold streetwear attitude that. She combines luxury with playfulness and an underlying tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. With her love for colour, which she is definitely not afraid to use and unusual materials and illustrative print the label creates a unique look that makes women feel fierce, edgy and confident at the same time.

CLIO-24 CLIO-26NotJustALabel describes her collection: “The Sweet Demon of Youth collection explores the interplay between the innocence of youth and its demonization. Fast food, bling jewelry, money, magic mushrooms and marijuana leaves illustrate the prints in this collection, relating to a negative portrayal of youth and linking it to consumerist, gang and sex culture. This excess is emphasized by lavish embellishment in combination with colourful and intricate prints. However, all of these negative symbols have been portrayed in a playful way, as the innocent might imagine them to be. The silhouettes of Sweet Demon of Youth are united by the theme of self protection, which is an attitude adopted in a hostile, dangerous world. Bullet proof outfits inspired both the garment shapes and the resistant materials such as neoprene, hand plasticized satin and latex.” Amen!
CLIO-20This is again a label I truly and honestly wish would make menswear. And this is probably the biggest compliment I can make to a womenswear brand. I am forever fucked…

Pictures via Clio Peppiatt
Hair & Makeup by ForeverIconic; Photography by Elliott Simpson